1-meter Wall Coping Slabs the perfect solution for major projects

Are you working with major projects, and you don’t want to neglect the finishes? Do you want to ensure a perfect result with high-quality products? At SAS, attention to detail has always been one of the most critical challenges for our products. For example, SAS Wall Coping Slabs are one of the best-selling products in our catalogue thanks to details such as the throating on the bottom, the cracks to get a better grip on the mortar, the precision in the measurements on all our pieces or the wide variety of colours offered.

Wall Coping Slabs are decisive elements for the aesthetics of your outdoor projects. The perimeter walls of your home are the business card of your place. That’s why at SAS, we designed more than 270 options, among which, without a doubt, you will find a perfect solution for your project. They are available in two finishes – stone type “Dry-Cast” and smooth finish “Wet-Cast”-, and in a variety of sizes and colours to complete your enclosures.

“Wet-Cast” Wall Copings

“Wet-Cast” Wall Coping – our most modern and elegant range with its smooth finish and rounded edges – bring visual and aesthetic continuity to your walls. The products of this line are available in a meter long, specially designed for major projects.

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Fewer joints with 1 Meter Wall Coping Slabs

One of the essential advantages of a meter long is the minimum number of joints to make, guaranteeing a cleaner aesthetic and reducing the effort in creating a continuous profile. We have large format slabs for major projects, while for small ones, you have options at your disposal in 50 cm long.

Wall Coping Slabs as support

The 1 Meter Smooth “Wet-Cast” Wall Coping Slabs have a flat surface where you can easily place screenwalling, balusters, planters or other decorative elements.

Designed without internal armour and with throating, these elements are very resistant to atmospheric agents and ensure high protection of the walls.

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Wall Coping Slabs for rainy areas

Suppose you need to place wall coping slabs to crown your enclosures and do not need a surface to support other elements on top. In that case, you can choose between the double-slope section of our 1 Meter smooth finish “Wet-Cast” Double-Believed Wall Coping – which facilitates the quick evacuation of rain and snow-, and the 1 Meter Smooth finish “Wet-Cast” Sloping Wall Coping.

In both cases, the pieces incorporate throating and also have no armour inside.

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The three models are available in two colours – Ciment Grey and White, adapting to all your project needs. In addition, the high-quality concrete used guarantees high resistance to deformation due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion. If you need more reasons to choose our SAS Wall Coping Slabs, you can read our previous blog on the resistance of our products to sudden temperature changes, one of the most recurring problems in any outdoor product.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for more information. They will help you choose the perfect products for your projects!