4 ideas to renew your terrace!

Spring has already arrived… check out those DIY projects to transform your terrace quickly!

The most colourful season of the year has arrived. This is the best time to think about how to transform your home in the oasis of your dream. Are you ready for it? Check out our 4 DIY project proposals and use them as inspiration!

All set to organize the first barbecue of the season? Got the invitation ready for all your friends and neighbours? Not yet? Then, let us show you some DIY ideas to innovate your garden!

At SAS we have a thousand ideas to help you renovate your terrace or garden with our products. Regardless of your style, we are sure to find the best solution for your needs. And if you don’t know what products you need, remember that our consultants are available to solve all your doubts.

Do you want to see how easy our weekend projects are? Check out these 4 DIY ideas and do them yourself!

1. An easy project with the SAS Stepping Stones

The most straightforward project to install is the stepping stones. If you always wanted to create a path in your garden, but you never found the right products or time, you got no excuse now!

Have a look at our range of stepping stones, and you will surely find the most suitable one for preserving your lawn and watch it grow perfectly! The great variety of shapes and colours of our stepping stones range, available as Domus, SEND48 and Tronc, will help you to create elegant paths on the vegetation. Choose one, and it will adapt excellently to your style.

The new stepping stones facilitate the transit between flowering areas of your garden, resulting in a functional and decorative project at the same time. And installing these models is so manageable that such a project has never been so easy. Choose a weekend and do it by yourself or with your family!

2. Super durable log sleepers for your urban garden!

More than a large garden, have you always dreamt about having your urban garden? Now, you can play with our log sleepers’ elements to delimit the area where you want to plant your favourite vegetables. And remember, our solid sleepers are prefabricated concrete so that they can be placed either horizontally as steps, or vertically to delimit spaces.

Their high versatility will allow you to create planters, flower corners and even steps of rustic appearance. And best of all, they have the perfect texture to match your natural style. With its ideal imitation of wood, they will surely surprise you!

3. kerbs for delimiting and organizing your open spaces

Are you a details lover? If yes, you should include our kerbs in your projects. These elements will allow you to delimit areas of your garden to organize spaces and to create differentiated areas. And, as always, at SAS, we have an answer for all tastes. While the Corda kerb line offers an elegant solution to delimit small flower beds, the Tronc is a more decorative line in the shape of wooden trunks. With any of these options, you can quickly decorate your garden and even finish off a wall. With our kerbs, a unique detail is guaranteed!

On the other hand, if you are looking for elements to combine with our flooring options, check out other ideal choices for you. Our Serena kerb and its natural carved stone texture have a minimalist design, and best of all, it blends perfectly with our TESSERA flooring.

4. SAS-TRIA for your landscaper soul

Have you got a landscaper soul? Are you looking for elements to customize your open spaces? Then we have the perfect product for you!

Check out our SAS-TRIA pavement that, with its three models, can fit all projects. This contemporary design piece is our most versatile product. You can install them as pavements, steps, walls or benches. This product, for its naturality and versatility, has become a must among our clients, landscapers and architects, who enjoy letting the green take over the piece!

Do you want to know more about our products? Do not hesitate to consult our catalogue, where you will find all our original proposals!

And remember our products are designed to be combined among them: pavements, fences, decorative details, etc. Choose your favourite style, and we will help you find the best solution for your DIY project!