A pool for every style with SAS Swimming Pool Coping

Are you looking for products that do not burn to the touch and that are beautiful to see? Do you want your family and friends to play safely near the pool? Then, SAS Swimming Pool Coping is the answer to all your needs.

A pool can be the critical element of your home, so you have to choose your style well and decide if it goes with the whole project or if you want it to stand out from the rest. Its aesthetics, durability, and non-slip appearance represent the key points of our design and manufacturing philosophy.

In the Swimming Pools section of our catalog, you will find everything you need to complete your project for the summer. The different styles of SAS Swimming Pool Coping elements allow you to create different environments, thanks to their final finish, the variety of pieces in each range, and the matching floors. In addition, as we explained in one of our first blogs on how to design the pool of your dreams, you can create a unique design. The swimming pool coping is born to protect the pool basement and ensure maximum freedom when designing it without renouncing the chosen materials’ safety and durability.

What makes SAS Swimming Pool Coping different from the competition?

All our Swimming Pool Coping elements are inspired by natural stone, and its surface is designed to enjoy a space with constant water with total security. Furthermore, thanks to the optimal quality of the raw materials of our products, we ensure your element´s resistance to atmospheric agents and non-slip. As always, the different ranges of SAS Swimming Pool coping are manufactured without internal reinforcement, thus avoiding oxidations, which are very frequent in wet areas and cause breaks in the parts.

Are you looking for a classic aesthetic?

Organic pool made with Domus Swimming Pool Coping (source: SAS)
A Pool made with Dordogne Swimming Pool Coping (source: SAS)

Domus Swimming Pool coping and the Dordogne line are our most classic proposals, inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean landscapes. Designed to match the homonymous pavement lines, they are available with straight models as curved and with custom corners to accommodate all the pool profiles you want to create. They are both available in White, Cream, and Pyrenees.

Do you prefer a more minimalist line?

If you like modern and pure lines, the Garonne and the Santorini range are for you. The products of these two ranges are available in different sizes and colors. Santorini Swimming Pool coping is characterized by a smooth and soft surface thanks to its “Wet-Cast” finish. Its design in “L” (with peak) allows for hiding construction errors of the pool. Prevention is better than cure!

Swimming Pool completed with elements of the Santorini line (source: SAS)
Swimming Pool completed with elements of the Garonne line (source: SAS)

For lovers of natural elements

SASTEAK pool with edges (source: SAS)

SASTEAK Swimming Pool Coping is the solution for wood lovers, thanks to its finish. With its measure of 80 x 30cm and thickness of 3.5 cm, this product imitates natural wood and gives your pool a unique and original touch. It also has matching flooring and is made in Oak Brown or Norwegian White.

Versatile and timeless at the same time

A Pool made with RP Shot Blast Swimming Pool Coping (source: SAS)

Our most versatile proposal is the RP Shot-Blast Swimming Pool Coping for its aesthetics, color, and dimension adapts to any project. In addition, it maintains that timeless line thanks to the marble grinding in its mixture.

Two-tone finish for a 360 environment

A Pool made with Tessera Swimming Pool Coping (source: SAS)

Finally, our TESSERA Swimming Pool Coping, manufactured in two models – beveled and with “L”- is a product designed to complete the pavement of the same line and combine with our bicolor products. Tessera Swimming Pool Coping is available in Anthracite, Arena, and Bronze. They are characterized by detonification on their visible face and having a contemporary, elegant, and timeless look that will surprise all your guests.

SAS Pool Finishings are all you need to complete your lovely pool. The time is now! Top off your pool with SAS products, and make sure you have a few springs and summers of maximum relaxation and maintenance-free.