Natural stone finishes, a timeless solution for your most elegant projects

Would you like your projects to be timeless? Are you looking for that feeling of natural and rural material but without sacrificing elegance? At SAS, we have two product lines that are perfect for you: the Domus line and the Dordogne. These are two of the most known and recognized ranges in our catalogue. Both imitate natural stone, with a more or less marked texture. Which one do you like better? Find out in this post!

Domus line

The Domus line is our most classic design range, characterized by its natural stone texture. Domus Slabs are available in different sizes and shapes – square and rectangular, with which you can compose your terrace more freely. In addition, you will find them in White, Cream, Caliza and a darker shade, our Pyrenees colour.

With the Domus Slabs, you can create paths, your pool’s surroundings, and all your outdoor spaces, whether they are gardens or terraces.

+ Domus Slabs

+ Domus Stepping Stones

And to maintain a continuous visual aesthetic, you can complete the design of your terrace and garden with the Domus Swimming Pool Coping and Domus SPA, the Domus Drain elements – a drain system designed to evacuate excess water from around your pool-, and our Domus Stepping Stones.

The Domus and Domus SPA Swimming Pool Coping have pieces with interior and exterior angles to adapt to pools of different shapes. Also, we offer curved elements to create a Roman bath with ease.

+ Swimming Pool Coping Domus

+ Domus Drain

Dordogne line

If you are looking for a more contemporary style, the Dordogne line is right for you! This line is inspired by the Mediterranean villages and their landscapes, recovering the idea of a more natural and traditional style, but at the same time modern and innovative. Dordogne slabs are available only in Champagne colour, and their soft and refined texture will help you integrate your project with pre-existing elements, such as fences and walls in natural stone, functioning as a bridge between those old elements and those modern.

+ Dordogne Swimming Pool Coping

+ Dordogne Slabs

In addition to the different measures of the slabs of the Dordogne line, we also have the Dordogne Swimming Pool Coping and the Dordogne Cladding. The Dordogne Swimming Pool Coping is also manufactured with linear and curved parts, so you can also create a Roman bath.

The Dordogne Cladding has a smoother appearance, and it is available in the colours Pyrenees and Dordogne natural. The thickness of this piece makes this finish the best solution for exterior coatings, combining lightness, resistance to atmospheric agents and durability. You also have angular stones for your vertical walls at your disposal, guaranteeing a homogeneous aesthetic throughout your outdoor space.

Dordogne Cladding is such a versatile product that combines perfectly with our Domus line!

+ Swimming Pool Coping Dordogne

+ Dordogne Cladding

Thanks to their size and reduced weight, all products in the Domus and Dordogne lines are easy to place. And if you have doubts about how to install it, you can check our Placement Recommendations here.

You will see that you will not need much time or effort to complete your projects!

What is your favourite range? The classic Domus or the modern Dordogne? Please do not wait any longer and contact our sales department to clarify any other questions and prepare your garden for this summer.

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