Anti-slip elements SAS for pools, the safest way to enjoy the summer

Here at SAS, we do not lose time, and we have already started to heat engines for this summer. Are you also dreaming of the coming months? Are you counting down for the first jump in your pool? This year do not let them catch you unawares and start thinking about renewing your pool and its surroundings to enjoy them in a perfect state. If you’re planning to build a new swimming pool, check out our blog, where we’ve collected some tips for planning your first steps.

Anti-slip floor for swimming pool

The first thing to do to choose the best floor for your pool is to have the use frequency clear. Indeed, depending on it, the anti-slip ability of the materials to use will be something to evaluate.

The advantages of using our concrete products for swimming pools are multiple. Our Pool Pavements and Copings do not get hot in the sun, and they are not waterlogged. In addition, they are designed to be anti-slip, a fundamental feature for spaces where there is always plenty of water. Your safety and that of your family and friends are 100% assured! You can run and sunbathe near your pool without the risk of burning or falling. Once you have defined the style of anti-slip pavements you like the most – classic or modern, you only have to choose the range and thickness of the piece you need.

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Variety of anti-slip pavements elements for swimming pools

In the Swimming Pools section of our catalogue, you can find all the offers of our Pavements that match our Swimming Pool Coping, and even unique elements such as draining parts (Drain) and Shower Plates. The lines most loved by our customers are the range Domus, Dordogne, Garonne, Santorini and Tessera by SAS. All of them are available with different widths, shapes – straight and curves, and sizes to fit perfectly in your project.

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Classic and timeless

The lines of Domus and Dordogne Swimming Pool Coping are the most suitable for classic style lovers, with timeless elegance. Their design that imitates natural stone makes them a perfect solution for all those projects that want to integrate with nature or more classic constructions. A smooth and modern look distinguishes the Garonne lineThey are very simple and decorative elements and, if you want, you can also build a Roman style bath.

Minimalist and versatile

Finally, the ranges Santorini and Tessera by SAS represent an innovative response to the needs of more purist style loversThe Santorini line uses primary and clean colours – Grey and White- which ensures a contemporary aesthetic that will surprise all your guest’s thanks to its well-defined finish.

And the Tessera by SAS is the most versatile range in our catalogue. Made with high compaction concrete, it ensures excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, and it can be used even in areas with light traffic. This line is ideal to reform all exterior environments if you want to achieve a homogeneous aesthetic throughout the entire area.

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Build your pool with SAS products and achieve high quality, aesthetics and safety for your outdoor projects!