Anticipating to innovate (Part II)

Applying process standardization has enabled SAS to participate in and lead various projects over the years.

Some of the projects from the last 10 years include:

A new and innovative factory

Our clients’ interest in smoother products and the Wet-Cast style of products led us to start manufacturing Wet-Cast items in 2010. That year saw the start of Swimming Pool Coping production, which expanded our range of minimalist, modern products.

To support the Wet-Cast range’s growth, a new 2,000m2 plant was inaugurated in Pira in 2019. This new site is equipped for automated, robotic production of all our Wet-Cast Wall Copings, enabling us to swiftly and efficiently meet the high demand for these products.

Our processes’ innovation-led strategy seeks to guarantee the uniformity and quality of our Wall copings, the star product range at SAS.

Futuristic project

In 2019, the Underwatergardens team invited us to work on material testing for their ambitious underwater project. Moulds were produced according to the technical specifications of the team of architects and marine biologists. The mix and product testing was carried out successfully.

This futuristic theme park brings together the ocean, learning, science, technology, and art in a single idea in and out of the water. Taking part in such an innovative project allowed us to go beyond our typical work areas and examine new materials, processes, and ideas.

From ornamental prefabricated units to wine tanks

In 2019, we switched from a project featuring water as the main ingredient to one with wine as the show’s main star. We dived into the wine industry alongside Sonoma Cast Stone, a leading American company in constructing high-quality concrete wine and beer tanks.

Our range of tanks is inspired by Roman terracotta amphoras, which we have redesigned and updated. Manufactured with a double layer technology and an integrated temperature control system, our eight tanks are one of a kind on the market.

Joining with the wine and beer production industry has enabled us to apply our more than 120 years’ experience in a material that we know inside out. For that reason, in Europe, we have garnered a reputation as a reliable option in a short time.

There have been many changes over the last 20 years at SAS, but what hasn’t changed, is our desire to innovate, improve, and stay ahead of the curve to move with the times as the pioneering, innovative company we are.