STACK THEM UP! Discover the ease of do-it-yourself with SAS products

In the last years, the do-it-yourself (DIY) has become more and more a trend. Nowadays, you can easily find videos online about any topic: from cooking to sport, from travel to clothing. Tasty – the food blogging colossus on Instagram with its millions of followers around the world – teaches us appetizing recipes with its super simple videos and allows us to achieve results that we have never thought possible!

When at home, are you a fan of DIY projects, or are you constantly looking for someone to help you? At any home, it seems that there’s always something to do, whether it is changing furniture, tidying up the storeroom, or fixing the garden. How many times have you started a project and then postponed it? And how many times have you wondered if you could do it alone? The time has come! Check out our products and discover how perfect they are for any DIY work. No more excuses!

Do you want to transform your garden in time for spring? With a few simple changes, you can give a new style to your home, surprise your family and friends and, why not, make your neighbors jealous. Here are some ideas to encourage you to start your next project.

Let’s start with the entrance. The fence is the first thing you see when you got home. It’s time to renew it! By combining our pillars and blocks, you can do wonders. And if you want to add some embellishments, then our stainless element INSERT could be an excellent solution for your new pillars, allowing you to customize them even more. Improving your fence with the SAS pillars is one of our clients’ favorite projects since, with little effort, you can get a great result. This DIY is a notable quick job that can be finished in a weekend!

SAS pillars and blocks are among our most flexible products, due to their ease of installation and their aesthetics. Combined, you can finally complete that DIY project you dreamed so much: the new walling for your garden. And all, without investing in a qualified workforce.

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You can choose from many models and finishes, depending on your style and on the trends of the moment. If you like a more rustic finish, the Poblet and Rough-hewn models are perfect for you. Both finishes will provide you the texture you are looking for, and it will allow you to complement your fence with natural details.

If you want something more decorative instead, we have the Llicorella, with its textured surface. Also, we have the favorite one for brick lovers: the Briquette. And for the most classical clients, the Dordogne is always the ideal choice. And finally, if you are looking for something more contemporary with an impeccable appearance, you can choose between the models SmootheMarble, or RigatoWith any of them, you surely obtain the best finish and solution for your home.

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Did you miscalculated the pieces, and now you have some leftover? Don’t worry; with the SAS products, you never lose anything. Indeed, you can easily recycle them for other do-it-yourself projects thanks to their high flexibility. Our pillars are so adaptable that some of our customers use them as a chimney giving it a unique touch. Our great variety of finishes and colors will guarantee you to find the perfect model which combines with your style.

And remember, when you invest in quality products, you save both time and money. No need for continuous maintenance! Also, the natural placement of our prefabricated concrete will surprise you. You can finish your project in record time, without requiring a qualified working force.

Do you want to know more about our pillars and concrete blocks? Please take a look at our installation suggestions to resolve any questions or doubts.

And to make your fence look unique, remember you can decorate it with our new INSERT. These are stainless steel pieces that allow you to achieve an aesthetically original finish. Combining them in the highest part of the pillars, for example, will give a very contemporary style to your home. Don’t wait any longer to be the neighborhood’s most envied neighbor!

Whatever style you prefer, with SAS pillars and blocks, you can complete your project in record time! All of them are made up of elements of ideal dimensions, easy to handle, and designed to be easily stacked. All pieces have a height between 20 and 40 centimeters, allowing you to play with different combinations to reach the height you need. And their weight, which never exceeds 30kg, will allow you to place them quickly in a weekend project.

Do you want to preserve your privacy without building a huge barrier? Well, we have the perfect solution for you: the new SASTEAK system! Combine it with our pillars and blocks for a more elegant result.

The SASTEAK system consists of fasteners anchored directly to the pillar and double-sided wooden slats in concrete. In this way, you will have the impression that your open spaces have no limits and, at the same time, protect you from prying eyes.

Now you are all set to start your do-it-yourself project this weekend! And if you need more inspiration, you can always visit our YouTube channel to watch our demo videos and learn how easy it is to place our pieces. Start your DIY project quickly and easily!

Do-it-yourself, the best way to carry out your projects!