Are pools a luxury? No, if you choose the right products

Have you always wanted a swimming pool, but it seemed like a distant goal? Did your friends convince you that it is a luxury to maintain it? Forget all this!

This year’s good weather seems far away, but it is an excellent opportunity to rethink your pool project, rehabilitate the one you already have in your garden, or build that pool of your dreams. If you choose quality products and follow the advice of experts for their correct installation, you can enjoy a durable swimming pool at a reasonable price.

Swimming pool made with our Domus range (source: SAS)

At SAS, we have years of experience in manufacturing products for the construction of swimming pools, and we have designed different solutions for your projects. In the Swimming Pools section of our catalog, you have various lines of finishings to crown your pool. You will find one for each style and undoubtedly the most suitable for your project.

First of all, it’s time to check the pool.

If you have already had a swimming pool for a few years, this is the perfect moment to review before starting the swimming season. The rapid temperature changes and cold of this winter could have damaged the base, the pavements, or other components of your pool. If you work with SAS products, this won’t happen. We realize all our elements with high-performance concrete and, thanks to the absence of a metal frame, they cannot oxidate. Thanks to their composition, they are also very resistant to atmospheric agents. In addition, all our products are designed so that their placement is simple and the installation cost is low.

Choose the style you like best.

If the style you are looking for is more classic and timeless, the Domus and Dordogne lines are for you. The first imitates natural stone, and its pieces are available in different dimensions, allowing original and unique patterns. The second, with its light color and more traditional style, is typical of the Mediterranean landscapes of our most loved tourist destinations, with the difference that you will no longer need to leave home to enjoy them. These two ranges are characterized by timeless elegance and are integrated into new construction works such as existing homes and styles.

A swimming pool made with the Domus line. (source: SAS)
A swimming pool made with the Dordogne line. (source: SAS)

On the other hand, the Garonne, Santorini, and Tessera stand out for their modern design and they are characterized by pure and contemporary lines. Furthermore, the Garonne finish has a slightly bubbling look and is available in Champagne and Pyrenees. Last but not least, the Santorini is our most minimalist solution. You can create a global outdoor space with matching flooring, thus obtaining a visually continuous and homogeneous project.

A swimming pool built with our Santorini finishings and the Sasteak pavement. (source: SAS)
A swimming pool made with the Garonne line. (source: SAS)

And finally, the Tessera by SAS line is available in different colors and tones and is the perfect product for any terrace, pool, and exterior pavement. In short, those are one of the most versatile products in our catalog.

Outdoor space realized with our line Tessera by SAS. (source: SAS)

Save time and contact our experts! We will solve your doubts and help you to rehabilitate or build the pool of your dreams and thus have it finished by the spring. Ready for your first jump?