Are you looking for a minimalist finish for your pool? Are you a fan of natural colours and materials, but don’t want to give up a modern and original aesthetic? The Garonne range of products will be your best ally when designing high-quality outdoor spaces. Combine the Pavement slabs and the Garonne Pool Finishes and you can easily achieve a visually homogeneous result, which guarantees great harmony between your pool, its beach, and all the surrounding space. Today we will discover together the Garonne range, one of the most elegant and refined proposals in our SAS catalogue.

Swimming pool and its beach made with products from the Garonne line (Source: SAS).

We want to start by introducing you to the Garonne Pavement as it will be used to pave the beach of your swimming pool and other outdoor spaces if your goal is to achieve a Garonne 360 atmosphere. This line is characterized by a smooth and slightly bubbly look, a modern yet elegant style. The Paving Slabs are designed for pedestrian use only and to provide a practical and versatile solution to your installation thanks to their dimensions of 50 x 50 cm. Its thickness of 2.5 cm is the same as that of other pieces in this line, which guarantees you combinable solutions to create a unique space. Available in two colours, Pirineos and Champagne, it will allow you to play with the alternation of both tones if your idea is to create unique spaces.

The Garonne Pool Copings: from left to right we have the basic model, the inner piece, and the outer piece (Source: SAS).

The Garonne Pool Copings are our proposal designed to crown your pool simply and decoratively. In addition to being a minimalist piece, we have designed two more models – an external and an internal piece. In this way, you can create any shape for your pool and outline it with our Garonne Copings.

And finally, to complete your Garonne pool project, you will find the perfect complement in our catalogue, the Garonne Skimmer. This piece has the same finish and shades as the rest of the pieces in this line. The skimmer is a technical piece that collects water from the surface to filter it.

The Garonne Skimmer to collect surface water and filter it. (Source: SAS)

Options for laying straight pool finials and SAS slabs (Source: SAS).

Installing our Garonne products will be extremely easy and intuitive, saving you time and taking care of your pocket. In our Placement Recommendations you will find some suggestions for installing your pool beach as you like and you can also choose between placing the finishes at the same level as the pavement (option A) or slightly raised (option B).

Remember to visit the blog we wrote about pool design and get in touch with our sales agents to receive more information and support during the realization of your project. At SAS, we take care of all the details!

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