Change the style of your home facade with the SAS Cladding

vs Poblet

Are you looking for an easy change and an excellent result for your home? Have you ever thought about twisting your exterior and interior facades? Are you looking for visual continuity between your interior spaces and the exterior of your home?

With the SAS Cladding, you have the perfect solution in your pockets. The products of this line are designed so that you can easily dress the walls of your home and give yourself a new style. So are you ready for it?

Poblet Cladding used inside a restaurant. (source: SAS)

Details of Poblet Cladding used on an exterior wall (source: SAS)

In the Cladding section of our SAS Catalogue, you will find two proposals to renew your walls. If you like a more rustic style, the Poblet Cladding range answers your needs. Instead, the Dordogne Cladding is ideal if you opt for purer and more modern lines. Both are easy to install and offer very versatile solutions. Thanks to the reduced weight of the parts, you will not need a specialized workforce; its transport will also be simple.

The texture of Poblet Cladding is inspired by the stone of the Conca de Barberá in Tarragona. These pieces imitate natural stone and are made of molds that perfectly simulate all its details and texture. We assure you that you cannot distinguish natural stone from our Poblet Cladding! Available in two colors – the classic Limestone and the darker Pyrenees-these cladding result in more vivid works and a more rustic style.

You also have the Poblet Moulding with the same texture and finish as the cladding. This element is designed to finish off windows and doors and play with other architectural elements that can enrich your home’s facade.

Dordogne Cladding used on an exterior wall (source: SAS)

Corner Stones of the Dordogne Cladding line (source: SAS)

The Dordogne Cladding line is your best choice if you are looking for a more modern style, thanks to its refined and timeless elegance. Inspired by the stone of the Dordogne area in France, this range of SAS products follows the earth tones but with a smoother look.

Available in Dordogne Natural color, this cladding will give a sober and natural look to all the walls. This line is born from the need to provide a decorative, refined, and functional solution in its finish. Your walls will be transformed into lightweight elements and, at the same time, waterproof, thanks to the slenderness of these pieces.

These two ranges also have cornerstones to complement your projects and ensure visual continuity. The Poblet and Dordogne Corner Stones are the last element you didn’t know you needed to finish those details that make a work perfect. At SAS, we remember those details that give quality to your results!

Poblet Moulding used to finish off an exterior wall window (source: SAS)

Still need to decide whether to choose the Poblet or the Dordogne line? Then, consult our experts, and, in addition to providing you with all the information you need, they will help you throughout the process.