How to fix a small, large or neglected garden (Part I)

Your garden is not a priority during the winter, but now that the warmer season arrives, leave it nice! With SAS products, it will be easy to fix your garden, whether small, large, or neglected. It will take you very little to realize the project of your dreams, considerably improving your outdoor spaces and transforming them into your oasis of tranquillity and serenity. Plan to innovate your garden and customize it according to your favourite style!

Innovate and customize your garden with SAS Stepping Stones

In the Garden section of our website, you will find everything you need to carry out your reform in a short time. With the SAS Stepping Stones, Sleepers, Kerbs, Planters and Fountains, you can create a new aesthetic for your garden.

And if you’re not sure how to start your DIY project, download our Placement Recommendations. Following the instructions, you can’t go wrong!

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Fix up a big garden

SAS Stepping Stones are the ideal tool for fast and furious projects. With our products, you can generate paths quickly and without specialized labour. The Tronc Stepping Stones, for example, guarantee you get great aesthetic results with little physical effort and economically. This line plays with the appearance of natural wood, which can be combined with our wooden-style Tronc Kerbs to delimit flowerbeds in your garden.

With their cut tree section shape, the Tronc Stepping Stones can be easily placed directly on your lawn. In five simple steps – illustrated and explained in our Placement Recommendations, you can draw your path and put it in the direction you want—all without the need for great works.

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Fixing a neglected garden with SAS kerbs

Tronc Kerbs will perfectly complement your garden project and allow you to create different and personalized areas. Kerbs do not simply have an aesthetic role but also a structural function, especially in gardens with different levels. Those elements indeed act as a barrier, retaining any material that can slide due to the tilt of the ground.

If you want to play with a more elegant and classic aesthetic, the Corda Kerbs are the answer to your needs.

Designed with a cleaner profile and a braid on the top, this product has a corner piece for internal and external angles, thus ensuring visual continuity. In addition, with the Jocker Kerbs, you get more flexibility to create unique projects.

Sleepers to create a trail

You can also combine garden products from different lines, as our friend José has done in his garden, using our best-selling products: the Tronc Kerbs TRONC5020 and the Log Sleepers TGV65. He shows how to use these products in his Youtube tutorial and achieve incredible results with minimal effort. The images before and after the intervention speak for themselves!

For more inspiration, check out our previous SAS blog post with our tips on how to keep an orderly garden. In addition, you can discover other garden products, such as our new Luna Stepping Stones. Don’t miss it!

If you are looking for arranging a small, large or neglected garden, do not hesitate to contact our team.

They will help you to concretize your ideas to renovate your garden. Summer is coming. Get ready!

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