How do you place the Swimming Pool Coping elements? Tips from experts

This year, the good season was a bit late, but the summer is finally coming, and the time has come to fill our pools and enjoy them with our families and friends. Does the passing of time start to show its effect on your pool? Would you like to renew it quickly and easily? The sudden temperature changes of these months have damaged some elements – especially the finishes of your pool-, and do you want to replace them? If you keep reading below, we will better explain how to integrate our products into your projects to solve possible problems. And if you are still thinking about how to build your poolcheck out our design tips posted in an old blog.

How to solve the pool angle

Some of the most delicate points in a pool project are the finishing, the cutting stones and their joints. In those points, both the presence of water – inevitable in a pool-, and atmospheric agents can create many problems. For this reason, we design unique products to help you. Depending on the shape of the pool and the models chosen, you can select our Swimming Pool Coping elements with interior and exterior angle pieces for almost all lines of our catalogue.

Swimming Pool Coping elements: levels and cuts

Depending on the aesthetics of your project, the first thing you will have to decide is if the edge of your pool and its beach are at the same level or if the border is at a higher point on the surrounding pavement. Once you have chosen the most suitable solution for your needs, the steps to follow to place the other elements are similar.

First, you will need to prepare the basement. The surface where you will place the finishing pieces must have the same width – or similar – as the elements you will put on top. Next, the first pieces to be placed are the cornerstones. In SAS, we have angular pieces for our ranges Domus , Domus SPA Dordogne RP Shot-Blast Swimming Pool Coping Garonne and Santorini, which significantly facilitates the work on site. And for the Sasteak or Tessera pool finishings, the placement requires the cut on-site, which is a common solution in every work.

And if you’re looking to make the most of corner pieces, we recommend our TESSRP500 Pool Coping . This year, we have integrated into our catalogue the TESSRP500, an element that generates an angled encounter with the finishing and its matching pavement, thus avoiding making cuts.

With this piece, you manage to integrate all the products of the Tessera line perfectly, guaranteeing a visually homogeneous aesthetic throughout your project.

Final details for swimming pool coronation

After raising the corner pieces, and the relevant cuts, you will have to place the rest of the elements that complete the pool’s perimeter. Remember to use mortar or cement glue and consider the joints a critical point of the entire project.

You’ll need to make sure the joints are all at the same distance, between 5 mm and 10 mm. And they will have to be refilled at least 24 hours after the parts placement to give time to cement to consolidate.

+ Placement recommendations

And finally, we advise you to treat the entire surface of your patio, pool and terrace with our SAS FUGUE  surface waterproof sealant. With it, you can ensure a lasting result over time.

Do you need us to advise you on the following steps to complete or on how building the pool of your dreams from scratch? Do not hesitate to contact us, and our sales agents will help you clarify all your doubts and answer your questions. Don’t wait any longer, and get ready for summer!