Continuous or spaced paths? Aesthetics and function in your garden

Are you tired of soiling the entrance of your house? Do you see dry or missing sections due to its continuous use when you look at your lawn? While observing your garden, do you think it lacks order and organization? A first reflection to reform your garden with the arrival of good weather is to rethink the paths and trails. To circulate safely in your garden, without slipping and, at the same time, without stepping on the lawn or the flowerbed, we have designed different solutions in SAS.

In the Garden section of our website, you will find product categories extremely useful in this situation. According to your tastes and needs, the first thing you will have to ask yourself is: Do I prefer continuous or spaced paths?

Create paths with continuous elements

As the same adjective says, the continuous paths are made with elements that are placed adjacent to each other so that the trail is never interrupted. In contrast, a spacing track is realized with patterns designed so that the lawn can grow between the elements and give your outdoor space a more natural aesthetic.

The Luna Stepping Stones, launched a few years ago and already a bestseller within this line, is characterized by its rounded shape. The practicality and versatility of this product lie in its form that will allow you to play with all possible angles, creating paths and detours without any limit.

+ Luna Stepping Stone

Paths for the garden as detail

The Luna Stepping Stones and the Log Sleepers are slabs for the garden with which you can create continuous paths that cross your entire garden, connecting key points such as the pool, the barbecue, the entrance to the house or the garage, among others. 

If you like a more natural environment, the TGV65 and TGV95 Log Sleepers will be the best answer for your garden with their timeless style and wooden look. You can place them continuously and with space between pieces, thus creating a unique pattern and geometries.

+ info Log Sleepers

Following that more natural style, you can choose between three models inspired by stone and allow you to build spaced paths – Domus, SEND 48, and our Tronc. 

The Domus Stepping Stones is available in a rectangular and rounded shape and in three colours to adapt to all your needs. With them, you can build both routes with a random aesthetic or with minimalist and more contemporary finishes, depending on how you place them. The SEND 48 Stepping Stones offers a decorative solution of easy and quick placement to build small trails or facilitate transit between areas. 

+ Stepping Stones

Sendero Tronc

Our Tronc Stepping Stone is the element with a more peculiar shape thanks to its wooden appearance reminiscent of a cut trunk. An original solution for your outdoor space.

Play to combine our products and simply customize your garden, getting an incredible result in a few steps. In our video, you can see how easy it is to create a path for your garden without the need for specialized labour!

+ Video

+ info Tronc Stepping stones

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Ready to walk in your garden? Don’t waste any more time and start to reform it!