Create complete projects with Domus products

Are you looking for a complete range of products to ensure your project has a consistent aesthetic? Do you want to maintain a cohesive style in all your outdoor spaces, from the patio to the pool? The answer to your needs is the SAS Domus line.

This range of products is one of the most extensive in our catalogue and is designed to help architects and designers create original and unique projects. From pavements to swimming pool solutions, the Domus line covers everything your client needs to create a consistent and functional design.

A natural stone-finished pavement

One of the best-selling products in the Domus line is the Domus Slabs. They are characterized by a rustic natural stone texture and are produced in different sizes and colors. With five different options – 60 x 45, 60 x 30, 45 x 45, 30 x 30, and 45 x 30 cm – and four colors – White, Crema, Pyrenees, and Limestone – you can create your own original and unique model. They are made of high-quality concrete and designed to withstand pedestrian traffic, making them ideal for private outdoor spaces. Durability is one of the essential features of all SAS products and, in the case of Domus Slabs, their resistance keeps them aesthetically attractive over the years.

Patio paved with Domus Slabs (source: SAS)

An integrated Swimming Pool

The Domus line offers a range of swimming pool solutions that adapt to various design styles. On one hand, we have the Domus Swimming Pool Coping. We offer two different finishes, one more natural, the Domus Swimming Pool Coping, and another designed to achieve a modern style in your projects, called Domus SPA Swimming Pool Coping. Both models are inspired by natural stone and Mediterranean colors. We also have angle pieces that allow you to build corners (internal and external) for your swimming pool. On the other hand, we have the Domus Drain draining piece, which is the perfect accessory to remove excess water around the pool and the poolside. Both elements are available in the same colors as the Domus Slabs, to ensure a homogeneous look throughout your garden.

Swimming Pool completed with Domus SPA Swimming Pool Coping (source: SAS)

A natural and design garden

Another product which is gaining in popularity are the Domus Stepping Stones. This product is the perfect solution if you want to integrate natural paths in your garden and walk without stepping on the grass. It is available in two shapes – rectangular and more natural – and three colors, and you can easily combine it with the Domus Slabs. Whether you like a more natural and informal aesthetic, or you are a lover of minimalist design, the Domus Stepping Stones will help you create those unique spaces you desire.

Natural paths in outdoor spaces realized with Domus Stepping Stones (source: SAS)

All Domus line products are made of high-quality concrete, resulting in durable, easy-to-install products that require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal option for outdoor spaces. Moreover, the products are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions while maintaining their attractive aesthetic. Create global projects with Domus line products!

Do you still have doubts? In addition to our products, SAS also offers several services to provide support to our customers. Our sales experts are available to answer all your questions and to work closely with you to ensure a good installation of the products.