Growing by innovating, our company motto at SAS

2022 has brought new challenges for our company. SAS has closed 2021 with significant growth rates, demonstrating a great capacity to adapt to market changes, listen to our customers’ needs, and work on internal improvements in terms of R&D. 

Every year we want to grow by innovating, updating products to give the best service to our customers. Do you know how our product ranges evolve? Our team conducts a continuous research activity on the new trends, valuing commercial ideas and observing the market. For this reason, it is essential to participate in the best fairs of the sector – as we have told you in the previous blog – places where the most current topics are debated and discussed, thus creating synergies and generating new knowledge, to then transfer them in the creation of new products. 

One of the first products in our catalogue that we have been updating in recent years is the Planters. Our first planters were characterized by lateral grooves with a more classic connotation, a base with well visible feet and an unmistakable finish with that grainy texture. On the other hand, the new Aina Planters, available since 2015, are manufactured in three forms – square, round and rectangular – and are characterized by a contemporary design, with a smooth finish and rounded edges, adapting to new trends and perfect for any environment. 

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Another example of a product that is renewed according to the tastes of each time is one of our most classic products in the SAS catalogue: the Screenwalling. These are visible in many buildings in the city of Barcelona, especially those built in the 60s and 70s. To give it a more modern touch, we have worked on its shape, rounding edges and introducing decorative elements, giving life to new models: the Screenwalling C200 and the C260. We have also designed new geometries to offer you more contemporary solutions, such as the GIN15025GIN25025 and TAT15025

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And finally, our range of products that has evolved the most is the Wall Coping. These elements, which represent an excellent finish for any of your projects, are available in more than 277 options to adapt better to your needs. The oldest model in our catalogue is the Wall Coping Slabs, characterized by simple lines and a flat surface designed to place other decorative elements such as balustrades, planters, and screenwalling, among others. Over time, we added more options with different profiles (beveled, double-beleved, roundish, chamfered, U-shaped, etc.)

to ensure maximum project freedom. And the Wall Coping “Wet-Cast” line is our most recent update, a new line where all models feature a smooth finish and more rounded edges resulting in a more contemporary product

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Every year we not only take care to update some of our products to suit the aesthetics of the moment, but we also add new ones! 

In 2021 we included the Luna Stepping Stones and the Agora Pillar in our catalogue. And, to do a little spoiler, during this new year, we will see the arrival of three new products: the Tessera Remate, the Tessera Drain and the Orthogonal Chimney Vent. If you want to learn more about the creative process behind our products, check out our previous blog on their origins

Your needs are our needs!