Curvy is better! The return of curved shapes

There was a time in the history of architecture when curved forms were the protagonists. This architectural movement is the Art Noveau of the late 19th century, also known in Spain as Modernism. Its most outstanding representative was Antoni Gaudí, who made the curve the representation of the dynamism, both ornamental and technological of this new style.

In these last decades, we are witnessing a return to those curved volumes in the international architectural panorama. Great professionals such as Iranian architect Zaha Hadid have made curves their distinctive architectural hallmark, fuelling the eternal debate between straight and curved lines, their aesthetics, functionality, practicality and economy in contemporary architecture.

Photo: Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, designed by Zaha Hadid (source:

Curves are not only fascinating in volume but also in 2D. For example, the Rio de Janeiro promenade of almost 5 kilometres, designed by the landscape architect Burle Marx in the ’70s, is characterized by the famous curvilinear pattern that gives dynamism and sinuosity to such a long path and then copied to many other maritime locations around the world.

Photo: The promenade of Rio de Janeiro designed by Burle Marx (source:

Fascinated by these shapes, at SAS we have also accepted the challenge of designing curved elements. As a result, this year we have launched two new products that have quickly become the most requested by our customers. The Agora Pillar and the Luna Stepping Stone, two products inspired by curves, expand our catalogue and fuel the debate between the curved and the straight in the world of construction and decoration.

Valla completada con el Pilar Agora (fuente: SAS)
Valla completada con el Pilar Agora (fuente: SAS)


Agora Pillar

The Agora Pillar is an element designed with pure and fine lines and with slightly rounded edges. Its assembly allows generating an almost continuous volume that stands out from the rest of the models thanks to its edges. Its 30 x 30 x 17.1 cm dimension makes it a manageable and easy to install element, with which you will not need specialized labour. 

Designed with a texture similar to our Marble Pillar, it is perfect for current projects. Moreover, it is available in three colours: White, Arena and Anthracite, to answer all your needs.

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Luna Stepping Stone

Another product that the curves have also inspired is our Luna Stepping Stone. It is designed to make a restyling of your garden and give more relevance to specific spaces and routes. Its rounded shape, like a crescent, is an elegant and modern aesthetic solution that will allow you to create paths in different directions.

They fit into each other, in straight, curved or even in T position. In this way, you can make continuous trails, drawing organic and harmonious lines.

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If you want to give a curvy touch to your outdoor projects, don’t wait any longer!

Contact our sales agents who will provide you with all the information you need to transform your home and garden in just a few steps and with minimal effort.

The new trend is the curves… follow the wave!