Days are getting longer, and spring is coming. Transform your garden with the new products of SAS 2023!

Time passes quickly, and spring is slowly approaching. Keep it from catching you off guard and start organizing the minor reforms of your garden.

In the previous blog, we told you the importance of planning those spaces where you want to plant flowers or aromatic plants to enjoy when the spring full of colors and smells arrives. We want to present our best-selling products and the novelties of 2023 that we have designed for you.

The Tessera kerb by SAS used to create flowerbeds of different depths (source: SAS)

Let’s start with one of this year’s novelties, the Tessera Kerb. This product is the new entrance of our extensive Tessera range. The Tessera by SAS line has been designed for outdoor spaces exposed to the action of atmospheric agents or to pave up swimming pools and other areas close to water sources. Available in various colors, this range includes products such as Pavement, Pool Top, Plinth, Step, and now also Kerb. The Tessera Kerb is produced with a mixture of high-quality and resistant concrete and different dyes applied in mass. You can choose between the smooth finish (White) and the bicolor (Sand, Bronze, and Anthracite), thus ensuring visual continuity with the other pieces of the same range. Not having the classic beveled angle that characterizes this line, you can stack several pieces and build deeper planters and flowerbeds. You will be surprised by its ease of use and quick placement!

Check out the Tessera Basic andTessera Bicolor slabs if you need to create even deeper spaces. Designed as pavement, these highly versatile slabs can be used vertically to build your unique and original planter. Do you dare to try it? It will surprise you!

If, instead, you are looking for a more textured kerb, your best option is the Serena Kerb. Its design imitates the texture of the hand-worked stone, thanks to its diagonal engraving. If your home tends to a more traditional style, the Serena Kerb in its Beige version will provide a unique texture to the set, while the Anthracite one is perfect for more contemporary tastes.

Flowerbed made with the Serena Kerbs. (source: SAS)

Another great option that you will find in our catalog is the TALÚS: Retaining Wall-Planter, the perfect product for those projects that are developed in height. These stackable elements will allow you to build green walls, which can divide your garden, hide unaesthetic details or maximize the possible space.

Green wall made with TALÚS: Retaining wall planter (source: SAS)

And finally, for lovers of the most classic solutions, you will find our models of Aina Planters and Carme in the Planters section, perfect for all kinds of styles and spaces.

Aina Planters (source: SAS)

Do you already know how to renew your garden thanks to our products? If you need advice or have questions, contact our sales agents, and we will help you! So leave behind the winter and plan your interventions to enjoy your outdoor spaces with the sun’s arrival and more suitable temperatures!