Elegance, practicality and durability with SAS Pavements

Innovating with elegant and simple products has always been one of the goals at SAS. For this reason, over the years, we have designed different pavements to offer new and modern solutions. Do you have an open space that you would like to enjoy with your family and friends, but you don’t know how? Have you thought about renovating your pool area and looking for a durable and safe product? Then, SAS Pavements is the answer to your needs.

When looking for solutions that fit your budget, it is common to fix the paving of large open spaces with a simple concrete pour. This solution is apparently cheap and quick but not durable at all.

Besides, some try to draw patterns on it to make it more elegant. But the result is never what you expected! Atmospheric agents and the cold-heat cycle generate ruptures in these continuous surfaces, and inevitably both their utility and aesthetics end up damaged.

Strength and durability assured

Forget about the temperature change problems with our outdoor pavements. Our concrete products are designed to withstand extreme temperature changes and frost. And with them, you can generate elegant and modern patterns, thus accommodating easily to your project.

Our advantage over other types of flooring lies in our base materials: quality aggregates and high-performance concrete. Compared to ceramic products, for example, SAS outdoor Pavements are more heat resistant. They do not change their physical characteristics by exposure to the sun. Also, they are single-layer pieces manufactured in our factory, which assures that their finish and colour will not vary over time.

Can you do drawings and generate patterns with SAS Pavements?

Of course, you can! We have pavements such as the Tessera by SASDomus Slabs, and Garonne Slabs that will help you create varied and creative patterns with their different formats and colours. And also, among the novelties of our 2021 Catalog, we have the new Panot HEX30 and HEX45.

Panot Hexagonal Bicolor

This Bicolor Hexagonal Pavement is thought of as a modern and innovative version of the Panot Gaudí and with the favourite tones of the Tessera by SAS. Its three colours – Sand, Bronze and Anthracite- will allow you to combine them to achieve a unique finish. You can create different colour patterns with a single product.

Besides, its bevelled edge gives texture and protects it from breakage. Colour, shape and design, the Panot Hexagonal Bicolor has it all!

+ info Panot Hexagonal Bicolor


SAS TRIA Pavement

And if you want to include natural elements in your garden, you will definitely like our SAS TRIA Slabs. A product designed in collaboration with the García-Durán & Equipo architecture studio and inspired by the Sierpinski triangle. The SAS TRIA is a highly versatile product, combining the beauty of triangular geometry with an easy and fast installation technique.

The SAS TRIA is designed to create unique spaces, allowing nature to surprise you thanks to its perforated design. In this way, the grass grows between the holes, generating contrasts if placed horizontally, and sun and shade if placed vertically. With the SAS TRIA, you can create ephemeral natural landscapes in your garden while guaranteeing a non-slip surface.

If you want to know how this project was born, you can discover all the details in our blog’s previous post.

SAS Pavements are designed with great attention to detail. Thanks to the high resistance to atmospheric agents and anti-slip capacity, they are ideal for every project. You only have to choose the model you like the most!

Do not wait any longer and get in touch with our team to know our different pavements’ models and find the perfect solution to your needs.