Four walling products to avoid wind pressure!

Summer is coming, and those final spring days are perfect for renovating your home garden, thinking finally at that new swimming pool projects, and redesigning the outdoors. Out of all those projects, the renovation of your exterior walls is among the easiest ones to realize in a short time!

Are you looking for more privacy, but are you afraid of the sail effect that walling elements can generate? At SAS, we have the perfect solution to this problem. You can choose among our four products to close your fence and avoid any issues caused by the wind. And best of all is that the installation is easier than you think! None of the solutions we propose you need skilled labor, and you can place each product directly on the existing wall. All you have to do is decide your favorite style!

1. Classic Screenwalling

If you like a more decorative style, then you’ll love our Classic Screenwalling. Since the 1960s, SAS has distinguished itself by its modern and elegant proposals, creating trends and proposing innovative designs. 

These elements allow light to pass slightly, playing with the vegetation and, at the same time, prevent the sail effect of the walls. They are available in eight models, two different thicknesses, and always very easy to place!

2. Slat Screenwalling

If you prefer a more linear and contemporary style, Slat Screenwalling are the perfect answer to your needs. Their minimalist design with inclined slats protects you from the public eye. Still, it simultaneously allows the passage of light and air.

The excellent finish of this product offers a quick solution to renew your existing fence in record time and with incredible results. Best of all, you can combine them with our pillars and wall coping elements to give it that spectacular finish!

3. Toscana Fence Modular System

And if you need flexibility, the Toscana Fence Modular System is the best option for you. This system is ideal for building a new fence from the ground and for integrating it into an existing wall, relying on the current one and providing the privacy you seek. Its unique design allows you to follow your home’s perimeter, combining the different models and playing with the light and shadow. And as with the rest of the products, it is ideal for letting air pass.

The Toscana Fence elements are available in four colors, which will perfectly suit your home style!

The Toscana Walling Modular System’s elements are designed to integrate perfectly into any project and are extremely simple to place. Its installation requires little time and few additional materials. Both the columns and the panels have a joint system that allows you to mount your fence as if you were playing with blocks.

It’ll be like going back to your childhood but on a real scale!

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4. Fence Building System SASTEAK

Finally, if you are a wood lover, the SASTEAK is the most elegant and refined solution for you. The elements of this range, with their wood imitation finish, are available in Oak Brown and Norwegian White and are manufactured in high-tech concrete. Its system of fixings allows a quick and straightforward construction on existing walls, allowing air to pass and thus avoiding the sail effect.

You can also combine elements of this same line, such as pavements or swimmingpool copings, to achieve a unique atmosphere.

With these four products, you can finally realize that project you have in mind. Our concrete prefabs are so easy to install that you can finish renovating your fence in record time!

Choose any of our products and save time and effort by enjoying high quality and aesthetic outcomes.

Do not waste any more time and contact our sales department! Our staff is always at your disposal to clarify your doubts and help you choose the perfect solution for you.