“Greening” urban areas, SAS proposals for green projects (Part II)

In the previous blog, we presented some of the new trends in urbanism and contemporary architecture, focusing mainly on public spaces and “greening” actions. But which are the technical solutions to transform these spaces and facilitate their metamorphosis towards nature? And what are those products that you can include in your projects?

Here at SAS, integrating building materials with natural elements has always been an inspiration. Therefore, in our catalogue, you will find different products that will adapt perfectly to your green project, such as our outdoor Slabs or our Planters, which are decorative and functional elements.

In this framework, our best-selling product is, without a doubt, the SAS-TRIA outdoor slab. Its design, born from the collaboration with the architecture studio GARCÍA-DURÁN & EQUIP, is inspired by the mathematical triangle of Sierpinski, and it is designed to customize spaces and to play with nature.


Thanks to their perforated or semi-perforated patterns, the slabs can be crossed by grass, if placed horizontally, or by vines, if placed vertically. In this way, each project will have its form, resulting in a unique project.

Learn more about its design!

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Panot Gaudí

If you are looking for a more classic element, you will surely like the Panot Gaudí, a pavement whose original design is from 1904. Designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí for the famous Casa Batlló, an iconic building in Barcelona, the Panot Gaudí was finally used for Casa Milà, better known as La Pedrera. 

The hexagonal element is characterized by the soft relief with references to the marine world, such as snails, jellyfish and starfish.

+ Panot Gaudí

Panot Hexagonal Bicolour

If you like this hexagonal shape, but your style is more modern, our Panot Hexagonal Bicolour is the answer to your needs. Available in Sand, Bronze and Anthracite, this product is a modernized and minimalist version of the classic Panot. 

You can play combining the different tones or make two-tone pavements with a mottled texture.

+ Panot Hexagonal Bicolour

Talus Planter

Finally, to complete your spaces and create three-dimensional volumes, check out the Planters section of our catalogue.

Among the most desired models, you will find our Talus Planter. It is an original design product, thought to be stacked, making green walls with little effort. Thanks to its dimensions, the pieces can be moved without machinery and thus create floral corners or vertical orchards. With the Talus, you can make different combinations in the form of a pyramid, which allows you to generate simple designs or more complex ones.

+ Talus

Have you already thought about what to do to make green the protagonist in your next project?

“Greening” spaces is easier than it seems!