How to keep an orderly garden?

Spring is just around the corner, and the time has come to prepare your garden for reunions with friends and family. Do you want to give a twist to the aesthetics of your garden without too much effort? Tired of having to fix the lawn for someone to step on it? The SAS garden products are ideal for creating trails and paths, and they will be the perfect answer to all your needs. At SAS, we designed timeless products, creating solutions for all styles.

¡Creating trails!

To start, we present the novelty in our 2021 catalogue, the Luna47 stepping stones. The Luna steppingstones recover our more contemporary pavement model’s texture: the Petra slabs, and they give it a more modern and flexible touch.

The rounded and crescent shape of these pieces allows you to easily fit one element with the other and create paths with different angles. Besides, its thickness of 3 centimetres guarantees great resistance to weight, allowing you to also place it without complications.

If you prefer a more natural style, then you will love our SEND-48 Stepping Stones. This model is available in four colours – Bronze, Grey, Black Anthracite and Beige. Its tones and shape allow it to be combined without problem with our natural style pavements like the Tessera. It is made with two-tone colors that easily combine with other products already installed in your garden.

The trails made with the SEND48 model have a more natural aesthetic but, at the same time, minimalist. And, as with the rest of the SAS products, its installation is effortless. In a single morning, you can completely renovate your garden!

And if you want more options, on our website, you will also find the model Domus and another favorite by clients: the Tronc Kerb.

Using natural kerbs

Finally, for the details-lovers, Serena Kerb is the perfect piece to complete your garden. Available in two colours, the SERENA5025 model imitates the natural stones with a diagonal cut. This easy-to-install product allows you to easily divide your garden areas for different uses: limit your flower beds or protect your home vegetable garden, among other things.

And if you want more options, you will also find the Corda or the Tronc Kerbs on our website.

All our garden products are made in natural tones but at the same time modern, ensuring that you can renew your garden easily, with a timeless result. The rustic style of natural stone is once again a trend, especially when mixed with pieces with more minimalist tones.

Combine, alternate and play with the two styles, creating the project you like best for your outdoor space. And like all SAS products, you won’t need skilled labour to install them, saving time and money.

Don’t waste time, and get ready for spring with a weekend DIY project!