Improve circulation and forget the smoke!

The details of SAS products reach the ceiling of your home. With our Chimneys and Chimneys Vents, you can achieve an incredible result, combining aesthetics and functionality.

Our Chimneys and Chimneys Vents are designed to improve smoke and vapor circulation by vacuuming and venting. At SAS we designed many models in line with our pavements, pillars, and fences, to coordinate the same style and color for your projects.

Round Chimney Vent (source: SAS)

The pieces that make up the SAS Chimneys and Chimney Vents exploit the “Venturi effect”, according to which, by reducing the section of a duct, the fluid that passes through it increases its output speed. In this way, we ensure that the smoke leaves quickly without being able to re-enter, guaranteeing your safety and that of your family. In addition, being made of concrete, they protect you from noise on rainy days, unlike traditional chimney vents made of metal that are usually noisy by the constant dripping of rain.

Poblet Chimney (source: SAS)

Llicorella Chimney (source: SAS)

In the Chimneys section of our SAS catalog, you will find the best solution for your project. You can choose the style that best suits your home, with options ranging from more traditional designs such as the Briqueta Chimney, the Poblet Chimney, and the Llicorella Chimney, to more contemporary designs with our Chimney Vents – Square, Round, and Rectangular.

Special crowning elements for Chimneys (source: SAS)

All SAS Chimneys are built with the same blocks as for the construction of SAS Pillars and are crowned with these special pieces that have openings to help the smoke output. You will get a visually unique result with parts with the same finish applied in different parts of the same project and achieve in this way a unified environment.

Intermediate parts of Chimney Vents with square and orthogonal bases (source: SAS)

The Chimney VentsRound, Square, and Orthogonal – are composed of different pieces of very easy placement: the base – which has a drip to protect the pull of atmospheric agents -, the intermediate parts, and the cap that ends the assembly and with drip at the bottom. It is important to note that from SAS we always recommend placing a minimum of 4 intermediate pieces to improve the “Venturi effect”. All our models are available in different colors such as White, Grey Cement, or Black Anthracite.

If you want to see how simple it is to place a SAS Chimney Vent or a SAS Chimney, click on the following videos!

Illustrative video of how SAS Chimney Vents are placed (source: SAS)
Video with the installation of a Chimney Briqueta (source: SAS)

Finally, if you are looking for an easy and fast restyling, you will find a practical solution with our Chimney Caps. Available with both square and rectangular bases, you can install them on existing chimneys or coordinate them with different models of SAS Pillars in a simple way and without specialized labor.

Whether for new construction or restoration, always choose SAS products to obtain quality projects, without renouncing a unique aesthetic.

Are you still hesitating about the best solution for your project? Contact our commercial agents and we will provide you with all the information you need.