The pool and its garden: two inseparable elements

Sometimes we do not think that integrating the different environments of our projects is the first step to achieving an outstanding result. For example, have you thought about using the same products style for your pool and all the outdoor space? This approach undoubtedly unifies the aesthetics of your garden, allowing you to create pleasant and comfortable spaces. The architecture of swimming pools can consider the pool, its surroundings and the garden as indivisible elements that, in harmony, will help you fulfil the dream of a charming house.

Are you wondering how you can achieve this visual continuity? The element that will work as a link will be the pavement. In our SAS catalogue, you will find different product lines that include pieces for the pool, its surroundings or other garden elements. And each one with a unique style!

Design of modern pools and gardens

The Santorini exterior floor Slabs represent the most minimalist and modern solution we can provide to our customers, with a smooth finish “Wet-Cast” and available in White and Pyrenees. These are perfect colours to combine with the Swimming Pool Coping of the same line, Santorini. This pavement will allow you to realize a contemporary project that will leave your friends and family surprised.

Santorini Line

Another option of modern aesthetics is the Garonne line. Its smooth but slightly sparkling appearance offers a practical and decorative solution to unify these two spaces: the pool and its surroundings.

Garonne Line

Design of pools and gardens with a light texture

The TESSERA by SAS line of outdoor flooring is our most versatile range thanks to the different products, thicknesses, dimensions and colours available. This range is made with high-density monolayer concrete that results in a product of high strength and durability, which is also non-slip.

The Swimming Pool Coping by TESSERA elements facilitate the functionality and design of the pool as they have a section in “L”. These step-type finials make more straightforward the placement of other lining materials for the pool vessel and, at the same time, allow you to cover the imperfections of the work. You can do elegant projects with a timeless aesthetic by playing with these products.

Tessera by SAS Line

Design of pools and gardens of natural style

Undoubtedly, the options that complement the more natural design of pools and gardens are SASTEAK and DOMUS lines.

 The first evokes wood, and the second one imitates carved natural stone. SASTEAK products are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. They do not burn to the touch; they are non-slip and resist frosting temperatures. They are practically indestructible! Their colour and natural texture of imitation wood bring natural warmth to your project.

Sasteak Line

If you are looking for an original and very natural solution, the DOMUS Slabs and the Swimming Pool Coping are the perfect product for you. They allow you to make custom designs, playing with the different dimensions of the slabs and the different tones. This way, you will be sure that your project has no equals!

Domus Line

Do you want to achieve this visual continuity between pool and garden, but you are still unclear about how to achieve it? Call us, and our team will provide you with all the information you need. Don’t wait any longer and give a twist to your outdoor spaces!

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