Material, shape and landscape, towards an integral aesthetic

At SAS, we look towards an aesthetic that integrates materials, forms and landscapes as the basis of all successful projects. One of the challenges we continuously face when designing our products is to easily integrate them with others in our catalogue and, at the same time, ensure excellent flexibility and versatility so that they can be adapted to all contexts.

For this reason, in this blog, we will present two products that perfectly represent the harmony between material, shape and landscape: the SAS TRIA and the SASTEAK.


Let’s start with the SAS TRIA. This product is an exterior paving element designed in collaboration with the architecture studio GARCIA-DURÁN & EQUIPO. This triangular piece is easy to place, thanks to its size and reduced weight.

Available in three versions combinable between them – TRIA1, TRIA2 and TRIA3-, the SAS TRIA will allow you to create unique paths in your green areas. Thanks to its perforated design, SAS TRIA will let the lawn pass, increasing the feeling of integration with the surrounding landscape.

+ Design SAS TRIA

The different models of the SAS TRIA can be placed both horizontally and vertically, playing with the three dimensions and integrating the pavement with outdoor furniture. You can create benches to sit on, vertical walls that serve as decoration or hide that corner of your garden that you do not want to see. And everything, putting green details and playing with shapes and materials. What more can you ask for?



The second product we want to highlight is the SASTEAK, our most unique outdoor flooring. Thanks to its surface that mimics natural wood, the SASTEAK brings warmth to any environment.

Ideal for the outside, the SASTEAK is a completely non-slip floor, which does not burn to the touch and resists the harshest temperatures. The high-performance concrete used in its manufacture guarantees very durable, resistant and suitable parts for any external space, needing very little maintenance.


SASTEAK Floorboards are available in Norwegian White and Oak Brown and have 20 x 80 cm dimensions, resulting in a super easy placement process.

By alternating the two tones, you can create a unique and original pattern that will differentiate your projects from the rest.

+ Placement recomendations SASTEAK

In addition, you can combine it with the SASTEAK Swimming Pool Coping, also available in Norwegian White and Oak Brown and with the same wood finish.

You can renew your garden, pool, and terrace with both products and generate a more natural landscape that integrates different elements with a unique visual language.

+ SASTEAK swimming pool coping

After this article, we hope you have more information about these two examples of Pavements that allow you to integrate materials, shapes and landscape in your projects. But we have many more options!

If you have doubts, do not wait to contact our sales team, we will find the best solution to all your needs!