Obtain an incredible environment with our Rough-Hewn products

The rough-hewn finish is typical of the products designed in the 70s. In this decade, it became fashionable for its versatility and elegance, and today it continues to be liked! Why? Because the rough-hewn texture is characterized by a surface that plays with light and adapts to any project. Its origin has ancient roots, proving a timeless finish that has been liked and continues to do. In the past, granite blocks were beaten manually or mechanically with the help of a steel-toothed hammer until obtaining their distinct finish. But today?

At SAS, we recovered this secular tradition and innovated it, adapting it to our philosophy and the concept of precast concrete. As a result, we have created a line of rough-hewn products for lovers of this type of finish. Discover them all and get that desired visual continuity in your projects!

The famous rough-hewn facade of the Palazzo Diamanti in Ferrara, Italy. (source: www.buildingcue.it)

Rough-Hewn Pillars and Blocks

Rough-hewn SAS products are perfect for any urban or rural context. Starting with some of the main building elements, we have designed the Rough-Hewn Pillar and the Rough-Hewn Block at SAS. These two elements are easy to place and work similarly, thanks to their male-female lace system. In a short time, you can build your pillars and fences with this finish without needing specialized labor. Both are available in White, Beige, and Périgord.

Exterior fence made with rough-hewn pillars and blocks. (source: SAS)

Rough-Hewn Facing Tiles

To complete your project and guarantee homogeneity and aesthetic coherence, we have also designed a unique tile for this occasion at SAS. The Rough-Hewn Tile is the element that serves to cover walls or other construction elements to achieve the same finish on the entire project. At SAS, we always think about all your needs and your projects!

Exterior wall cladding with our Rough-Hewn Facing Tiles. (source: SAS)

Exterior fence made with rough-hewn pillars and blocks combined with our balusters. (source: SAS)


The exciting thing is that thanks to their timelessness and versatility, finished products are easily integrated with many other products in our SAS catalog. An example? SAS Balusters – one of the most decorative elements of our factories – is the answer. Thanks to their aesthetic combined with the rough-hewn pillars, blocks, and slabs, this product allows the creation of elegant and safe fences.

Do you dare to change your projects and integrate our products with the rough-hewn finish? Then, you will not regret it! Our experts are at your disposal to give you the best advice. So do not hesitate to contact us. Our experience is at your service!