Matching pieces: the secret of SAS quality

At SAS, the most important thing is taking care of all the details of your outdoor project.

Therefore, when designing our pieces, we put ourselves in your place and think about all the possible situations you can find during the work. This ensures we have an answer for all your needs. A clear example is our finishing products. These pieces are designed and manufactured to match their base products, thus ensuring the homogeneity of style and finish.

What happens when one vertical wall of a fence does not join another? How do we finish a wall if the available products do not match perfectly? You can find the solution among our finishing products!

Muro de la escalera rematado con nuestros Cubremuros de Terminación Albardilla TAL400 color Gris.

Finishing products for your walls

When defining the crowning of the walls, the challenge we always face is their terminations. In the past, the only solution was to cut these pieces on the site to obtain the drip on the three sides seen.

To avoid this within the range of Wall Coping Dry-Cast, we included a piece that will allow you to finish the corners of all your exterior fences: the Slabs Wall Coping Ending. SAS provides a ready-to-fit product with the drip that follows the perimeter line and ensures complete protection for the wall.

Muro realizado con nuestros modelos BB40 y TBB40 del Bloque Labrado y rematado con Cubremuro de Terminación Losa.

Products of walls finishing

And what happens when you have to put up a termination wall?

If a wall has a corner in sight, don’t make any tinkering to cover it or fill it. To top off these walls best, we have a unique piece that will help you finish them elegantly: the Rough-Hewn Termination Block.

This precast concrete Block follows the same design as our SAS Rough-Hewn Block, manufactured in three colors – Périgord, White, and Beige -. The best thing about this range is that you can create any wall and always get a complete and uniform finish from all sides.

Our matching pieces are designed to ensure homogeneity between different environments, and these details make up the SAS Quality and differentiate us from the competition. Please do not wait any longer and contact our sales agents who will help you to solve any doubt with the help of SAS products.

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