Putting a fence on sloping ground is not an impossible task!

To install a fence on a sloped surface impossible? No, and it is not so complicated!

Working with slopes indeed requires perfect organization and clear ideas. You need to level the plans to see the heights and especially have the correct products to work in a simple and fast way. With the right products, you will see that installing a sloping fence is not an impossible task, nor is it complicated! SAS has designed the perfect system for sloping walls and angled grounds to help you with this project. The Toscana Modular Fence System offers an unbeatable response to any uneven fence assembly while guaranteeing an elegant and modern result. The Toscana Modular Fence is composed of three elements – the Columns, the Panels and the Rails-, which will allow you to quickly adapt this system to the different terrain and the aesthetics of your garden and home.

It’s like playing with blocks! Shall we start?

First, you have to place the elements that will delimit the edges: the Toscana Multiangle Column – COL22. This product has a toothed shape that will allow you to install the Panels (TPLA75 and TCOR75) with different angles according to your needs: 45º, 90º, 135º, 180º and 225º.

Once the location of the COL22 is marked, the Toscana Panels are installed layer by layer. Whether you prefer a straight or slightly curved shape, our panels are ideal for shaping your fences. You can choose between the flat design of the TPLA75 or the curved design of the TCOR75, both available in four colours: Anthracite, Sand, Oak and White.

Wall finishes

To finish your project and give a modern finish to your fence, do not forget to install the wall finishes. The RLO200 and LO200 Toscana Panel Rails, available in the same colours as the panels, will allow you to finish your wall elegantly. The RLO200 fits in the toothing of the Column and serves as an indispensable complement to the LO200.

Both Panel Rails have a smooth surface and feature a drip that protects your fence from rain. And for the column, we have the Toscana Multi-angle Column Cap CR28 that provides a modern and decorative touch to your fence.

Toscana Modular Fence Column with the SASTEAK

Suppose you prefer a finish with a more natural aesthetic. In that case, you can combine the Toscana Modular Fence Column with the SASTEAK range elements. The LID150 SASTEAK Fences have a double-sided wooden appearance and are available in Oak Brown and Norwegian White.

Besides, this line combines perfectly with other products from our catalogue, such as the SASTEAK Pavements and the SASTEAK Swimming Pool Coping with the same wood-like finish. Playing with the different models, you can achieve a homogeneous and contemporary environment.

Sloped wallings, with Pillars & Blocks

And if your project has a style in which our Pillars & Blocks fit better, we have many more options for it. In SAS, we have eight finishes of Pillars and three finishes of Blocks, with which you can also install your sloping fence.

With both products, you can work in a staggered way, adapting to all the unevenness and challenges imposed by your garden’s topography. Both the Pillars and the Blocks are made of concrete, offering a quick installation and zero maintenance.

With these options, instaling a sloping fence will be easier!

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