Renew your terrace with our Santorini range!

Summer 2021 has been one of the hottest of the last decade, and many of our customers have chosen the elements of the Santorini line to remodel their swimming pools, pool decks and outdoor spaces. The trend recorded at SAS shows us that smooth finishes and darker colours are the best sellers.

And why is this range loved so much?

In the Pavements section of our catalogue, you will find all our outdoor slab proposals and their accessories, from the Panots and the SAS TRIA to the most classic slabs like the Dordogne and Domus, or our most complete line: TESSERA by SAS. But the range that has attracted the most attention this 2021 is undoubtedly the Santorini.

One of the reasons is the ease of having a single range with which to combine colours. Having the same finishing options, you can decide whether to install everything in White or Grey or combine them. The Santorini gives you that polished aesthetic that you like so much, making everything so simple. You only have to choose the colour!

Another reason? Safety, practicality and aesthetics

What are the sensations you are looking for in your pool project? What characteristics must the products have for everything to work? For us at SAS, the keywords are safety, practicality and aesthetics.

We always put security first! SAS outdoor Pavements are made of high-performance concrete, which guarantees durability, resistance to atmospheric agents and, above all, they are non-slip to avoid falls. These features are essential, especially at the pool deck.

+ Swimming Pool Coping

+ Slab

In addition, the Santorini Swimming Pool Slabs and Coping are designed with measurements and weight that allow our clients to carry out their projects without specialized labour and without large machinery. This helps you save time, resources, and money.

And finally, the aesthetics. The Santorini range has a polished finish that works well in minimalist or modern works, but it also works with more classic spaces. The advantage of our products is that they are designed to fit in different styles, from the most rustic to the most contemporary.

Santorini slab, the ideal combination to renovate your terrace

The Santorini Slab follows the minimalist and modern model of the pool finishes, and it is manufactured with an easy to install format (15 kg). Available in two colours – White and Grey-, and of dimensions 50 x 50 cm, it represents the perfect flooring to combine with the Santorini Swimming Pool Coping and other elements of our catalogue.

Its smooth and soft “Wet-Cast” finish makes it a versatile solution, adaptable to any project and with a natural aesthetic.

The colours Pyrenees, Black Anthracite and Grey, have been the most sought after this summer. So, the trend is clear!

And what colour do you like the most?

Do you prefer light or dark colours for your outdoor pavements?

Send us your comments or tell us if you have any colour or texture proposals for our new products.

In your hands, you can have the trend for this 2022!