(Re)think your swimming pool with the Domus Swimming Pool Coping

Good weather is coming, and it is time to start using your swimming pool or, if you still do not have one in your garden, to build one. In the previous blog post, we told you about the variety of products of the Domus SAS line (link to latest post). Today, we are focusing on some fundamental and often underestimated element: the Swimming Pool Coping. These elements are very important because they embellish and perfect the pool sides, and they ensure that the water does not escape from the pool.

When thinking or re-thinking your pool, Swimming Pool Coping is a good starting point for your design. Depending on the chosen style, you will have freedom to create natural shapes and play with different styles. Our Domus line offers two different models, the Domus Swimming Pool Coping and the Domus SPA Swimming Pool Coping. The former is more rustic and inspired by nature, while the latter is more minimalist and modern. You will surely find the one that best suits your needs!

Domus Swimming Pool Coping used to create a pool, one more straight (on the left), and a more natural one, on the right. (source: SAS)

The Domus Swimming Pool Coping are characterized by its simple yet decorative lines. These pool sides are inspired by the texture of natural stone and are available in Pirineos and Crema colors. In our catalogue, we have included two angle pieces, an internal and an external one, to be able to build pools with unique and original designs in total freedom.

Example of Domus Swimming Pool Coping external (on the left) and internal angles (on the right). (source: SAS)

The Domus SPA Swimming Pool Coping is a more modern and minimalist version of the previous model. They are characterized by a flat section available in two widths (30 and 40 cm). Also, for this model, we dispose of angle pieces to play with and achieve a unique aesthetic for your garden. Thanks to the three available colors – White, Pirineos and Crema-, you can integrate your swimming pool project quickly and easily into your garden.

Pool with Domus SPA Swimming Pool Coping. (source: SAS)

Both models of pool sides are made without internal reinforcement and with high-quality concrete. In this way, we ensure durability and resistance against weathering and the passing of time. They are also designed to be combined with other Domus products (Domus Slabs and Domus Drain draining piece), as they have the same finish and range of colors.

Ready for the first dive of the year? Do not wait any longer and (re)think your pool. Contact our experts to solve any doubts and get assistance during all stages of your project. And remember, details make the difference and Swimming Pool Coping is the business card of your pool.