SAS and the innovative fairs of this 2021: between the virtual and the face-to-face

A few years ago, we would have thought that to organize or participate in a virtual fair was impossible, but in these times, we have to adapt quickly. And so it has been!

The world of fairs and salons has changed its way of being, demonstrating that taking advantage of the positive side of virtual media is possible. With SAS, we have had the pleasure of participating as exhibitors in four major events – three of which in France and one in Spain- all of which have surprised us positively.

Carrefour des Partenaires

In January, we started the year by participating in the Carrefour des Partenaires  – the famous French fair that this 2021 has celebrated its tenth edition in an entirely virtual way.

Ten days of meetings and conferences online allowed us to expand our portfolio of clients thanks to a magnificent organization. At the same time, we have been able to discover the new trends of the market and present ours. And we did everything comfortably from our offices!

BigMatDay 2021

In February, the BigMatDay 2021 was the first Spanish construction materials fair. This fair has also been developed in an entirely virtual way, allowing us to be among the 220 exhibitors and safely meet many people.

The exciting thing is that the fair was organized as if it were face-to-face, with spaces dedicated to commercials, demos and conferences, and press attention. We have felt (almost) as if we were there. Imagine that there was a space thought of as a real bar, where to take a coffee talking from one side to the other of the screen!

Tout Faire Materiaux

Shortly after, we participated in the fair organized by Tout Faire Materiaux, dedicated to specialists in construction and renovation materials. Tout Faire Materiaux is the first independent trade network of construction products and tools, and we have once again felt at home.

SITEVI- Montpellier

Last week, to close the year, we travelled to Montpellier to be at SITEVI – the International exhibition of equipment and know-how for vine-wine, olive and fruit & vegetable production. Going back to a face-to-face fair was extremely pleasant for us. There we were able to present our SONOMA by SAS concrete wine tank line and re-see the faces of our customers and colleagues, greeting them with an elbow touch. A fantastic experience after so long.

This year’s fairs have taught us that both the virtual and face-to-face worlds have pros and cons. The face-to-face allows to generate human relations more quickly than through a screen, but with many costs and impacts on the environment. On the other hand, the virtual can connect everyone immediately, reaching more people and multiplying the opportunities to create interesting projects.

To those who doubt the effectiveness of virtual fairs about the quality of customer service, we can only say that they are wrong. At the end of this year, we can inform you that we continue to grow in the same way as in previous years, confirming that regardless of the medium of presentation, the quality of our products is still highly appreciated.

See you next year with news that we will present in virtual and face-to-face fairs. Stay tuned!