SAS Cladding: innovating the style of your home with a quick gesture

Are you tired of your walls’ colour? Are you bored with smooth and homogeneous surfaces? Then, our SAS cladding range is the perfect answer to your needs! Easy to place and available in different styles, our Cladding range will allow you to change the look of your home with a quick gesture.

Usable in both exterior and interior walls, SAS cladding elements are the solution for your renovations. Made of concrete, these prefabricated pieces are super versatile and they adapt to any style, whether modern, rustic or minimalist. And the wide variety of colours available ensures the perfect match with your home’s personality. Our most popular models are the rustic POBLET, the modern ARAN and the minimalist DORDOGNE. All three are available in different sizes and colours.

In the Cladding section of our website, you can consult all the options and choose the one you like the most.

Cladding POBLET

For lovers of rustic and more traditional style, the POBLET line is the most appropriate answer. Made with moulds that perfectly simulate the texture and details of natural stone, the elements of the POBLET line offer very versatile solutions with an excellent finish, both for interiors as well as exteriors. 

Its finish allows very flexible solutions that provide extraordinary elegance. In interior spaces, they will give a warm touch to your home, transforming it into a welcoming and familiar space. If applied on the exterior, your house will gain in style with its rural and rustic aesthetic.

The different applications of the POBLET in door and outdoor spaces (source: SAS)

Aran Cladding

Otherwise, if you prefer a more contemporary style, you can choose between the Aran line or the Dordogne. The Aran Cladding is available in anthracite black, and it’s designed in a single size, which combines with the Aran Corner Stone piece. This range perfectly imitates a natural slate that will donate relevance to any wall you decide to apply to. Its textured finish works for both interior and exterior decoration. The anthracite colour and laminate look ensure your project a contemporary and elegant look.

Dordogne Cladding

And if you want a smoother-looking style, the elements of the Dordogne Cladding range have exactly those characteristics that you are looking for. The pieces of this line are available in two earth colours: Natural Dordogne or Pyrenees. The Dordogne cladding elements combine lightness and protection, providing an elegant and refined touch to your projects.

Elements of the Dordogne line applied in ourdoor spaces (source: SAS)

Whatever is your style and your final pick of cladding, with SAS Cladding range you will always have a complementary Corner Stone piece to match it. This will allow you to achieve a perfect finish on all surfaces with any of our options.

Rough-Hewn Facing Tiles

If you need to integrate several elements of your outdoor spaces such as Wallings and Pillars, we have the right product for you. The Rough-Hew Facing Tiles – available in White, Beige and Périgord – allow you to change the aesthetics of your garden. You will turn it into an elegant space, guaranteeing harmony between all the pieces.

This Rough-Hew finish matches with the Rough-Hew Pillars PB40 and PB50, and the Rough-Hew Blocks BB40 and TBB40.

Have you seen how easy it is to renovate your house with the cladding SAS?

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