SAS Textures, the importance of well-designed finishes

Our centuries-old experience in producing prefabricated concrete elements, the attention to the market trends and our customers, together with our desire to innovate, lead us to continuously study all kinds of solutions so that your projects come out in the best way.

What sensations arise when your hands touch a rough surface? How do your eyes react when a lucid element reflects the intense sun on a summer day? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves while designing our products, trying to anticipate the problems to develop a solution.

The texture is a central feature!

The texture is a key element of all our products, so we study it in detail every time we start producing new products lines. The finish is a characteristic that can change both the visual and the tactile perception of your spaces and allow you to create unique and original projects.

At SAS, you can choose between smooth or rough pieces, avant-garde or classic, rustic or modern, which imitate natural stone, marble or wood, showing you that the texture is not only a decorative detail but is part of the design and user experience.

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Smooth or textured, we got options for all tastes!

All SAS products can be easily grouped into two families of finishes: some rougher and others smoother. Depending on your needs and those of your project, you can choose between rustic, modern and contemporary solutions. 

An example of this rustic style are the products of the Poblet and Domus ranges that, with their more natural appearance and a wide variety of measures, will allow you to realize new projects with an ancient look&feel.

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On the other hand, the Dordogne line is an excellent solution if you are looking for more contemporary elements. Its natural style enchants all those customers who love the Mediterranean landscapes. If you are looking for something more unique, our marble finish elements offer a design and a very avant-garde finish, ideal for contemporary projects.

And finally, for a more natural project, take a look at our garden products, such as the Log Sleepers and the Tronc Stepping Stones that perfectly mimic wood.

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Textures, finishes and multiple formats!

In our SAS catalogue, we included products with a great diversity of textures that, together with the multiple varieties of colours and tones, will provide you with endless combinations. This will allow you to find the perfect solution for you and your project.

All this without forgetting the other fundamental characteristics for us, such as the quality of the materials and the durability, that ensure a long life to your products. Thanks to the design of our products, none of these will dazzle you with their reflection, and none of our surfaces will be unpleasant to the touch.

At SAS, we have the ideal solution and texture for you, whatever is your design. Come and discover our products, their different textures, colours and sizes. You will see that it will be easy to renew your spaces with taste, guaranteeing durability and saving resources and energy.

The details make the difference!