Sudden temperature changes: prevention is better than cure

Earlier this year, an extreme cold wave has subjected half of Spain to an unprecedented challenge. The Filomena storm has registered up to 12 degrees below zero in the interior and east of the peninsula, paralyzing roads, trains, airports, causing the closure of schools, and severely challenging hospitals and other public infrastructure already affected by the COVID-19 health emergency.

Sudden changes in temperatures undoubtedly harm many building elements, especially those with metal armour inside.

A typical case is a Wall coping and a Swimming pool coping that, because of freezing, ends up bursting and breaking, affecting your garden, terrace or exterior wall.

If this is your case, the time has come to renew the wall coping or other elements of your garden that have been affected by frost. At SAS, we are at your disposal to help you choose the best solution.

Our products are very resistant to atmospheric agents and easy to install, without needing specialized labour. With our products, you will get an optimal result at a competitive price.

SAS Wall Coping

SAS Wall Coping are available in two finishes: the “Dry-Cast” and the “Wet-Cast”. The first has a rougher surface and tries to reproduce the natural stone, while the second is very polished and more modern-looking.

In both cases, the absence of metal armour and the use of high-quality materials guarantee a long service life, safety and protection from atmospheric agents.

Smooth “Wet-Cast” Double-Beveled Wall Coping WAL280

The 2021 Catalogue includes a new model of Wall coping to complement our wide range: Smooth Wet-Cast Double-Beveled, the WAL280. This model is a smaller version of our 1-metre models. It seeks to offer a more practical solution for smaller-scale projects.

This model combines a modern and smooth finish with a double slope shape and new, smaller dimensions, and it is available in White and Cement Grey. This wall coping is perfect for combining with other products, such as SAS Pillars & Blocks, for completely renovating the exterior walls of your home.

Swimming pool Coping

Another range of products -frost-resistant- are our Swimming pool Copings. This range also does not have internal armour, so they do not burst due to temperature changes or rust due to water. 

Manufactured in different styles and models, SAS Swimming pool coping will easily allow you to finish your pool beach with style and taste. You can choose between our range Dordogne, Domus, Garonne, Santorini, Tessera or SASTEAK!

New Santorini Slab SAN5050

This 2021 we have a new addition to the SAS Pavement range: the Santorini Slab SAN5050 matching with the Santorini Swimming Pool Coping WRP300 and WRP300R0095. This range also does not have internal armour!

Its “Wet-Cast” finish gives floors a smooth and contemporary appearance, which makes it a highly versatile solution, suitable for all types of projects. Its smooth surface and range of colour and measurements will give an elegant and contemporary touch to your pool.

Don’t let atmospheric agents damage your garden or terrace. Choose our products without armour to avoid any unpleasant surprises!!!

Contact our agents, and we’ll help you tailor our products to your project.