TESSERA by SAS, the ideal range to create a global outdoor Project

Do you want to guarantee visual continuity in the outdoor spaces of your home? Do you like to take care of all the details of your projects? Are you constantly looking for the latest in the industry to meet your needs or your customers? 

TESSERA by SAS products are the most numerous of our catalog and therefore make this line the most complete and constantly evolving – every year we add new elements to this family. For example, this 2023, we welcomed the TESSERA Beveled Swimming Pool Coping and the Tessera Kerb. Discover all the features of this range in this blog!

Examples of TESSERA pavements by SAS. From left to right: Basic line in White and Périgord, followed by Bicolor in Bronze and Arena (source: SAS)

All products of the TESSERA by SAS line are manufactured with a high-strength concrete monolayer. In this way, we guarantee high quality and comply with the European standard UNE 1339. Furthermore, the wide variety of thicknesses ensures easy integration into your project. Therefore, Tessera slabs can be used for both private and public use and are suitable for all types of traffic, depending on the thickness of the piece.

Our slabs are available in two finishes: Basic and Bicolor. This first, characterized by a uniform and flat color, is available in White and Périgord. At the same time, the Bicolor line is manufactured with a mixture of colors that results in a unique and original tone – in Anthracite, Sand, and Bronze -. These two finishes complement perfectly with the Skirting (available in Basic and Bicolor), which helps to complete and give a quality finish to any pavement.

Exterior paving made with TESSERA Basic slabs in Périgord color (source: SAS)

To complete your project, remember to look at the TESSERA Step. This element is manufactured with the same technical characteristics as this line of products and is designed to minimize the risk of slips. In addition, the Tessera Step is produced with beveled edges to improve its resistance to ruptures.

Entrance of a villa made with bronze Tessera steps (source: SAS)

For your bathing area

To complete any outdoor environment, we have three different models of Tessera Swimming Pool Coping elements: Swimming Pool Coping with “L” and another model of more minimalist lines. All three models belong to Class 3 against slipping and have the same properties and colors as the rest of the range. Our next blog will tell you more about the TESSERA by SAS Pool Coping.

Complete your outdoor area

To organize the green areas of your garden, this 2023, we have started to manufacture the Tessera Kerb. This product has the same technical characteristics as the Tessera range, and it is designed to be stacked or placed horizontally and vertically to create floral flowerbeds. We also have the Luna Stepping Stones, which, thanks to its crescent shape, allows you to create straight, angled, and curved paths through the garden.

Details to create your unique outdoor space

The dimensions and shades of the Tessera line combine perfectly with the Marble and Agora Pillars and Blocks and our Tuscan Walling System. In this way, you will ensure a unique and coherent aesthetic for your entire project.

If you need to consult the Tessera range Placement Recommendations, register on our website and discover all its technical features. And if you still have any questions, contact our sales team to help you create that 360 outdoor environments.