Tessera DRAIN, the best ally for optimal maintenance of your pool

2022 begins with many news in SAS. As we have told you previously, our company motto is “grow by innovating”, and for this reason every year we try to add new products to our catalogue. The Tessera DRAIN is the first novelty we want to talk about – an element that soon will be a must for all swimming pool projects.

Are you tired of the puddles of water around your pool after each jump? Don’t you like the idea that the water that comes out of the pool comes back in bringing with it earth or other external elements? Are you noticing that moisture is starting to damage the exterior paving of your home? The Tessera DRAIN is the perfect answer to your needs!

And it also takes care of your pool, helping you keep it always clean and without infiltrations.

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Pools are undoubtedly one of the small luxuries that change your life, but they require constant maintenance that you can get tired of quickly. For this reason, in SAS, we have been studying an elegant and modern solution that keeps all the elements that constitute the pool and its surroundings in good condition.

This drain grate has been adapted to our line of products in concrete, providing durability to your pool area. In addition, this evacuation channel or DRAIN has an optimal value for money, characteristic of our entire product catalogue in precast concrete.

Combinable with any Tessera by SAS line product, the Tessera DRAIN is a piece designed to cover the water evacuation channels, both in the surroundings of your pool and in other areas of your outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the grooves in the centre and between the junction of each piece, the Tessera DRAIN ensures that the water that comes out of your pool does not come back in and, by channelling that water, prevents the elements from flooding.

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All pools need a drainage system, and Tessera DRAIN will be your best ally in the battle against moisture and infiltrations. Its small size and the great variety of colours available in our catalogue, together with the extreme ease of placement, will conquer you immediately, showing you tremendous flexibility when it comes to including it in your projects.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team is at your disposal to help you transform your projects into reality.

Prepare the swimsuit that the good weather is approaching and finally you can enjoy your pool in total safety!