TESSERA Swimming Pool Coping, the last detail to complete your project

We all know that outdoor projects can sometimes be a real puzzle. Achieving a continuous and homogeneous aesthetic is a big challenge, but we make it easy with SAS products. A clear example is the TESSERA by SAS line, our most versatile product range that adapts to each project.

In the previous blog, we have told you the unique features of the TESSERA by SAS line, going through the first models until the novelties of recent years. Today we want to focus on Swimming Pool Coping, a fundamental piece to achieve aesthetic coherence in your projects.

Pool made with products from the TESSERA by SAS line: Beveled Swimming Pool Coping and Tessera Bicolor Pavement (source: SAS)

What is a swimming pool coping element? Why is it so important?

The swimming pool coping is the element that separates the pool from its surroundings. It has both the function of evacuating the water outwards and preventing the water that leaves it from entering the pool with dirt, soil, or grass. These parts must be made of materials that make them non-slip because they are in the most dangerous area of falls in the entire pool, the edge.

The two Tessera Swimming Pool Coping we produce. At left, the TESSRP355 and at right the BIRP355 (source: SAS).

Tessera models for your pool

Pool finished with the Pool Finish with “L” TESSERA, in Sand color (Source: SAS).

The first product we manufactured to crown your pool was the Swimming Pool Coping with the “L” section. This product is made of highly compacted concrete and has beveled edges that allow it to integrate perfectly with pavement of the same range. The “L” section – reminiscent of the Tessera Step – facilitates the liner placement and other materials. At the same time, it will help you to cover the imperfections easily. It is available in all colors of the line Basic and Bicolor – White, Périgord, Anthracite, Arena, and Bronze, and ensures a high-quality visual result.

Pool finished with the TESSERA Beveled Pool Finish, in Bronze color (Source: SAS).

In 2023 we included a new Swimming Pool Coping model in the SAS catalog: the TESSERA Beveled Swimming Pool Coping. This product has a contemporary look and design thanks to its beveled edges. The absence of the peak makes the aesthetic more purist and minimalist and fits perfectly in modern projects and straight lines.

Unique features of the Tessera range

All the Swimming Pool Coping and the other products of the Tessera line are designed to be in areas with a lot of water. Thanks to the high-quality materials and the absence of steel in its interior, we can guarantee more excellent resistance and durability to atmospheric agents, including the most extreme. Safety has always been one of the pillars of our philosophy, and all our products are specially designed to last and adapt to the weather anywhere without fear of breakages.

Consult our Placement Recommendations, where we also include a table with the different models of finishing and the most indicated forms of swimming pools. In this document, we added some essential suggestions when deciding on the shape of your new pool.

If you have doubts or need an expert’s opinion, contact our sales team, and we will advise you in the best way so that you can achieve your pool project quickly, economically, and, above all, aesthetically attractive and original.