The best options for renovating your home with SAS exterior fences

How would you like your home to be perceived from the outside? Would you opt for a visual continuum or a play of light and shadow? What options do you have to renew your exterior fence? In the SAS catalog, we have included different solutions both to generate a continuous wall and to mix it with more ornamental pieces.

Fences with Blocks and Pillars

Exterior fence made with Marble Block and Pillar and topped with our BAL400. (source: SAS)

If your project needs to increase the level of privacy without renouncing an elegant aesthetic, the best option is to make a wall-type fence. In the Blocks section of our website, you will find our best-known solutions: the Rough-Hewn Block, the Smooth Block and the Marble Block. All three are characterized by a unique style and an incredibly simple and fast male-female placement system.

Outdoor fence with SAS systems: Toscana Walling and SASTEAK

Another alternative is to create a wall with the Toscana Walling System or the SASTEAK Fence-Building System. These two modular systems are designed to adapt perfectly to any need for exterior construction.

The panels of the Toscana Walling System, (more info in a previous blog) are available in two versions – flat and curved – and in four colors. In addition, thanks to its multi-angle column COL22, they adapt to all changes in the perimeter and unevenness of your home.

Exterior fence made with the Valla Toscana System. (source: SAS)

The SASTEAK Fence-Building System – with its modern style and double-sided wooden look – will allow you to build your outdoor fence quickly and easily thanks to the help of its Fixations. The SASTEAK range has Slabs and Swimming Pool Coping with the same finish, guaranteeing a homogeneous style to your entire project.

An exterior fence made with the SASTEAK System placed on an existing wall. (source: SAS)

Mix products to create your fences!

Exterior enclosures, black and white Slat Screenwalling (source: SAS)

If you prefer a more permeable enclosure, you can combine our Blocks with other ornamental elements, thus combining security and privacy. Both the Toscana Walling System and the SASTEAK can be used on top of an existing wall, but if you want to opt for another style, check out our range of SAS Screenwalling.

The screenwalling is a typical decorative element of the 60s that is always fashionable. We manufacture some more decorative versions of screenwalling, and others more modern. In SAS we have designed new patterns that update the aesthetics of the classic elements, and today we propose a more minimalist version: the Slat Screenwalling.

The Slat Screenwalling has a design of angled slats that solve privacy problems without renouncing natural ventilation. And with great style! In addition, they are available in Anthracite Black and White, two basic colors for any project. Thanks to its shape and style you can combine them with all our pillars, thus adapting in the best way to your project.

If you have any doubts about how to place any of our exterior fence elements, look at our video to see tips for perfect placement.

Placement of Screenwalls SAS (source: SAS)