The importance of natural ventilation: Louvres, Screenwalling and Loopholes

Natural ventilation is a basic bioclimatic concept that has always played an important role in architectural design for many reasons. For example, in the vernacular tradition of many countries, warehouses for both wheat and other food products were designed to allow air to circulate easily and keep products safe from moisture. On the other hand, ventilation in houses, as in all environments intended for collective use, was considered- and it is today- fundamental. In terms of health and hygiene, ventilation avoids the congestion of viruses and the spread of diseases. And for safety, it facilitates evacuation in case of gas or other fumes leak.

As a consequence of the nineteenth-century pandemics – cholera and plague, among others-, a reflection on the relationship between health and architecture began, allowing a leap of quality in the design of many European cities. Today, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attention has been driven on this issue one more time, opening up again an old debate on the need to include natural ventilation in all architectural projects. At SAS, we are aware of the importance of natural ventilation. For these reasons, for years, we have included in our catalogue specific products to facilitate the circulation of air in closed and open spaces.

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Natural ventilation with loopholes

The Ventilation Loopholes ASP1515 and ASP202 are a rustic decorative solution that fits perfectly into any project style. Its net design facilitates the circulation of air in enclosed spaces, such as basements, parking lots, and warehouses, among others. This small element will ensure safety and health in your most hidden spaces, and it is available in two sizes, 15 x 15 cm or 20 x 20 cm.

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Ventilation and security with SAS Thin-slatted Louvres

Suppose you need to ventilate spaces of greater dimension to avoid the formation of humidity on the ground floor of your house or in industrial spaces. In that case, the perfect solution is the Thin-slatted Louvres.

Those concrete elements do not need maintenance, and they are resistant to the most challenging atmospheric agents. Available in five different sizes, the SAS Louvres will allow you to include them easily in your project, adapting to all situations.

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Slat Screenwalling

Finally, we present you with our most decorative element for ventilation, the Slat Screenwalling Lamas. In two previous blogs (part I and part II), we talked about the importance of screenwalling in ancient, modern and contemporary architecture. Due to its relevance, excellent finish and minimalist design, the products of this line are among our best sellers. This screenwalling, fabricated in two colours, allows the natural passage of the wind, generates privacy and guarantees an excellent finish. It is designed to complete fences and enclosures, and it plays with the slats tilt to limit the view from the outside.

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Make sure all your spaces are correctly ventilated and complete your projects with our ventilation elements.

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