The origin of SAS products

Each of our products is designed to respond to the real need of our customers. A continuous market analysis combined with years of experience in the sector allows us to continuously innovate our catalogue, introducing new elements that will enable you to realize your projects. But what is behind each product? What is the creative process of our team?

Firstly, we give great importance to the observation of the sector trends. What are the needs and priorities you have when starting a new project? What characteristics are most valued? Only if we answer these questions we can then propose appropriate solutions.

For example, the idea of the Toscana walling system – one of our best-selling products- comes from the need for a fast-assemble constructive solution. Its shape and dimensions make it easy to move the pieces and allow our clients to customize their design by model, angle, and colour.

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Inspired by the environment

The Poblet line, which we mentioned in our previous blog, owes its name to the Catalan word “village”. Why did we choose it? Because the style of this products’ line takes us to the inland villages of Catalonia, with its rustic appearance which is ideal to frame and give relevance to portals and fences.

The Poblet Cladding has excellent versatility. It can be used to highlight a wall or better define the profiles of certain parts, windows, or fences. In addition, its assembly is extremely simple, thanks to a lace system for stacking all the elements.

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Inspired by great landscapes

The Dordogne line follows a similar philosophy. The name refers to the homonymous French region famous for its landscapes and some of the “most beautiful villages in France” distributed in its territory. The elements of this range imitate the natural stone of the area and with its timeless elegance, they act as a link between the ancient and the modern.

If you are looking for a more rural aesthetic, these two lines are the best for you!

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Inspired by nature

In recent years, at SAS, we have also reflected on the more general and global concerns. One of them is the importance of renaturalizing our cities. Therefore, in our catalogue, you will also find different solutions for green spaces.

If you want to integrate nature into your project, don’t miss our SAS TRIA. Thanks to its triangular shape and depending on its placement, the SAS TRIA becomes the perfect ally to bring green to your terrace. The holes in these pieces allow both the lawn and the plants to appropriate them, giving life to pavements.

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Inspired by far off textures

Within our range of pavements, we have the Petra slabs, inspired by the texture and warm colours of the famous Jordan city. And this inspiration has been so good that it was used for other products in our catalogue, such as Luna Stepping Stones.

This piece, as its name indicates, is designed in the shape of a half-moon. It is ideal for creating paths in any direction, facilitating lace thanks to its rounded shape. Each piece is fabricated with a thickness of 3 cm, a detail that guarantees great strength and, thanks to its measures, you will find it very easy to place. And its colours are the same as those of the Petra Slabs: Arena, Bronze and Anthracite. Thus, you can extend the design aesthetic of your terrace towards the garden. The inspiration of the Petra can be installed throughout the entire outer space!

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Would you like to discover more curiosities about the origin of our products?

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