Three pavements with three styles: Garonne, Petra and Dordogne

SAS floorings are anti-slip, resistant and easy to place products made in different formats and finishes. This range represents an opportunity to innovate with new materials and shapes, as in our SAS TRIA. It also allows us to offer you many different finishes: modern, textured and traditional.

In the last article of our SAS Blogwe talked about the elegance, practicality and durability of our Flooring. We introduced you to our different ranges, such as the Tessera by SAS, the Domus Slabs and the Garonne Slabs, together with the novelty for this 2021: the Panot Hexagonal Bicolor. Today, we want to present you three other Flooring models for outdoor and suitable for interiors. The Garonne, Petra and Dordogne are our most well-known and sought-after ranges for their timeless styles and great adaptability to all project typologies.

Garonne Slabs

The Garonne Slabs line provides a modern style to your spaces, with its smooth and slightly bubbly appearance. The slabs of this line offer a practical and simple decorative solution, both for their aesthetic and its placement.

Available in Pyrenees and Champagne colours, this product lends itself perfectly to play with alternating light and dark, giving your spaces a unique aesthetic.

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Dordogne slabs

If you are looking for a more natural style that fits well with the Mediterranean or traditional landscapes, the answer to your needs is the slabs of the Dordogne line. This floor of timeless elegance can perfectly integrate existing elements (walls and fences of natural stone), and newly built elements, acting as a link bridge between the old and the modern. Moreover, with its Champagne colour, it beautifully completes any project.

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Petra flooring

The Petra flooring is inspired by the Tessera by SAS line. It looks for a more textured surface that imitates slate, perfect for your outdoor areas. Available in three colours Bronze, Anthracite and Arena, this model plays with a feeling of warmth that evokes the rocky landscapes of the archaeological excavation of the fascinating city of Petra in Jordan.

Petra slabs are ideal for pedestrian traffic, and thanks to their thickness of 4.5 cm, they become the perfect solution for projects in private and public areas. With this model, you will obtain a fantastic texture and excellent resistance with one shoot!

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Petra color arena


With our variety of Flooring products, you will indeed find the perfect solution to all your projects!