Transform your terrace with our Planters and outdoor Pavements

This is the best summer to do renovations! And we want to show you how many significant changes you can do in your open spaces with small gestures! Are you ready to change the look of your terrace or garden with just a few steps? We have different solutions to suggest to you! Choosing the right products, you can get a significant change quickly and easily. Your neighbours and friends won’t recognize your terrace!

Let’s start with the green!

Are you tired of replacing plastic planters regularly? It’s time to change strategy and renovate your garden with our SAS Planters. Our models, with their elegant lines, are perfect for any space. All our planters are made of concrete and without armor, which ensures excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and durability over time.

Our four models, with modern and defined lines, are perfect near your pool or delimiting a garden area. The CARME Planter model, available in the two colours Terracotta or Pyrenees, joins the best traditional form and performance. Indeed, it is perfect for small trees and shrubs. Another option is the AINA Planters, which is available in three models: square, conical, or rectangular. The square option AINA33 – 33 x 33 cm, is ideal for smaller spaces or where you want to include two or more pieces to delimit an area. The AINA45 model has a conical shape, with a maximum diameter of 45 cm, that supports small shrubs. And finally, the AINA8033 is the rectangular model of 80 x 33 cm, perfect for mixing different flowers in a single one. These elegant-shaped models with rounded edges will add a modern touch to your garden. And all three are available in our colours White or Pyrenees. Have fun combining them to create unique effects!

If you want to create walls for “greening” your terraces, the TALÚS Planter is a perfect choice. Designed to be easily stacked, you can use it as a retaining wall or vegetable closure. Besides, you will be able to change its position as many times as you want. In this way, you can customize your open spaces and create your urban vegetable garden. Its unique design will allow you to accommodate all your plants in one area, gathering practicality and aesthetics.

Anti-slip Pavements

If you are looking for a more significant change, check out our flooring models and give a new touch to your terrace or your pool. In addition to our top sales Tessera Slabs, we have the SASTEAK LI-2080 and the FILT5050B, which are undoubtedly among the most popular models. Both pavements can be quickly installed and without needing skilled labour. This will help you with saving money and time.

Our SASTEAK LI2080 External Floorboard with a more natural finish is ideal if you are looking for a warmer model, imitating the texture of wood. With this one, you can create a space that is both elegant and modern. This outdoor flooring is available in two colours – Norwegian White and Oak Brown. It will allow you to create different patterns as if you were playing with parquet slats. If you’re looking to remodel the pool area, the SASTEAK enables you to match different elements! With the SASTEAK Swimming Pool Coping LIRP300you can get that same wood texture everywhere, but with high-performance concrete and without internal armor that can rust over time.

Another pavement among our clients’ favourites is the FILT5050B Draining slab. This model is the perfect solution to filter the water and, at the same time, to avoid slipping. Its draining feature favours the absorption of water in swimming pool beaches, terraces, patio, and rooftops. Combined with a rainwater collection system, it will make you the most sustainable neighbour of the community.

This year don’t leave your dream project undone! Contact our agents, and they will help you choose the perfect solution for your garden or terrace.

Don’t wait any longer. Summer is here!