Natural ventilation, a key element of SAS Walling

Have this summer’s rapid temperature changes damaged your walling, fence, or some of its components? Are you tired of the moisture and cracks caused by the atmospheric agents on your walls? This year we are experiencing the hottest and craziest summer ever recorded, with continuous temperature jumps, torrential rains alternating with the desert heat, hail, and storms. If we continue like this, it will always be more common to have technical problems related to outdoor materials such as cracks and humidity.

Design of exterior fences and walls

In the previous blog, we discussed the importance of suitable exterior walling and fences, presenting you with two proposals: wall-type fences and ones made with screenwalling. Today we want to focus on essential aspects to consider during the design phase of your project.

Undoubtedly, one of the first points to consider is the need to include in all your spaces – both exterior and interior-natural ventilation. In this way, you will avoid having problems with humidity, mold formation, and, in the long perspective, some structural damage.

Another risk that must always be considered when creating vertical walls is the sail effect generated by large surfaces. This might represent a significant problem, especially in areas with strong winds. For this type of exterior wall, it is recommended to use products designed for these cases, remembering that the wind sometimes plays terrible jokes.

Avoid the sail effect with the Toscana Walling System

In the SAS catalog, we have different solutions to avoid the sail effect and the formation of humidity on the walls. Among all our products for exterior walls, the Toscana Walling system has become the preferred answer for both problems.

Sun and shade are generated by the Tuscan Walling system (source: SAS)
Toscana Walling

Toscana Walling is a modular system of easy placement that will solve your ventilation and sail effect problems. This system consists of three elements:

the multi-angle column that fits perfectly to all terrains, the panels, and the finishings. The Toscana Panels allow you to play with the aesthetics of your fence, creating an enclosure of great flexibility. You can choose between the flat version of the curve and between four tones: Anthracite, Brown, Sand, and White.

Ventilating with Screenwalling

Another more decorative proposal that guarantees excellent ventilation is the range of SAS Screenwalling products. These stackable elements – that allow light and air to pass through – perfectly combine with other materials such as wood, natural stone, or aluminum and integrate perfectly with the vegetation.

If you are looking for more classic options, surely you will like our GIN15025, GIN25025, and TAT15025. These are our most decorative models, thanks to their curved and unique shapes. And if you prefer a more contemporary design, the models C200, C245, or the Slat Screenwalling Lamas are perfect.

Exterior fence complemented with Screenwalling model TAT15025 (Source: SAS)
The fence made with the Screenwalling SAS model C200 (Source: SAS)
The fence made with the Screenwalling SAS model C245 (Source: SAS)

Both the Toscana Walling system and the SAS Screenwalling let in the light, properly ventilate your spaces and avoid the sail effect. Do not wait another summer and give a twist to your outdoor spaces!