Wall Coping, a fundamental piece to protect our building

In architectural language, a wall coping is a piece of cement, natural stone or ceramics that finishes a wall or a fence and that works as protection from atmospheric agents. Depending on the project’s needs, these pieces have different shapes to fit better the elements on which they are placed. Windowsills, for example, are coping stones placed on the outside of the window to prevent water from entering the vertical wall and, at the same time, have a slope towards the outside to ensure that it drains without staining the wall. According to their profile, there are also inline coping stones and mouldings, which are used to finish a fence or enclosure. Together with ridges, cornerstones, headstones and crowns – or keystones, the coping stones represent the ends of our buildings.

In SAS, we were the first to name this piece Wall Coping, which has always been a word that is easier to understand by a not always specialized audience. Our precast concrete Wall Coping is designed to complete your projects and enrich them with aesthetic and functional details. Whether it’s defining an enclosure, finishing a fence or the railing of a terrace, or crowning a pillar or balustrade, our Wall Coping will be the perfect answer to your needs. Among our 277 different options, there is no doubt that you will find the one that best fits your project!

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All our Wall Coping elements are made of high-quality concrete and without internal armour, to prevent the passage of time and the eventual oxidation of the steel damage the piece. In addition, all models include a drip edge, which protects the wall from water. This technical detail makes our product line stand out from the competition, along with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. 

Depending on the shape you choose, the Wall Coping represent a support base for other elements. Once placed, you can complete them with many other SAS products, such as screenwalling, fences, planters and/or balusters.

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In our catalogue, you will find two large families of Wall Coping elements: the DRY-CAST – with a finish that mimics natural stone and with a rougher look, and the WET-CAST – a smooth finish with rounded edges and a more modern look. All models are available flat, with one or two slopes or chamfered, and in different dimensions and colours to ensure maximum design freedom.

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Are you still thinking about it? SAS Wall Coping are the answer to all your finishes, bringing elegance and style to your projects, guaranteeing quality and durability, and taking care of your economy. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact our commercial agents, who will provide you with all the necessary information.

Take care of your walls. Protect them with the SAS Wall Coping!