Wall coping, what are they and what are they for?

Wall coping are construction pieces specially designed to finish off exterior walls. They can be used as a coronation, with a single or double bevelled surface, according to the project’s needs, or as a basement to install over fences, balusters or other decorative elements.

But what makes wall coping so essential for your project? Wall coping are a decisive element for the quality of the final finishes of your outdoor spaces, and they represent the first impression that both you and your guests have of your home. Being easy to install, you can get an optimal result with minimal economic and labour investment.

In our range of Wall Copings, you can find two types of finish, the “Dry-Cast” and the “Wet-Cast”. The first one has a more rustic stone-like finish, while the second has a smooth finish with rounded edges that give it a more modern and minimalist look.

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In both cases, all models have a drip in their lower part that protects the walls from rainwater to ensure that moisture does not form and that they remain clean. All our wall coping elements are designed without internal armour to withstand better atmospheric agents and sudden changes in temperature, which could cause their oxidation and/or breaking of parts.

We manufacture many sections of Wall Coping in different sizes and colours to adapt in the best way to the needs of your projects. You will also find termination models to complete the perimeter walls without cutting pieces, which would inevitably compromise the final aesthetic result.

On our website’s “Dry-Cast” page, you will find the five sections of our stone-type wall coping: Wall Coping Slabs, Double Beveled Wall Coping, Chamfered Wall Coping, Roundish Wall Coping and U-Shaped Wall Coping. The five different models are manufactured in various dimensions, lengths and types of slopes.

Wall Coping Slabs

The Wall Coping Slabs with their flat surface are especially suitable for the placement of lattices, balusters, planters or other decorative elements.

his range is our widest in sizes and colours. They are available in eight colours – Périgord, Grey, Beige, White, Sand, Anthracite, Black Anthracite and Oak-, and are easily combinable, only depending on the result you want to achieve!

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Double Beveled Wall Coping

The Double Beveled Wall Coping provides a double slope finish to evacuate the water quickly. They are the perfect solution for rainy areas.

Available in six colours – Périgord, Grey, Beige, White, Anthracite and Black Anthracite, and eight different sizes, they perfectly suit any exterior wall.

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Chamfered Wall Coping

If you are looking for a solution that allows you a more flexible use, Chamfered Wall Coping are the answer for you.

This model incorporates the characteristics of the two previous ones, with a slightly double-bevelled surface that allows you to slide the water quickly and a central flat part where to place enclosures to complete your wall.

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You still do not know which model to choose?

Get in touch with our commercials, and we’ll help you decide which wall coping are best for your project. Don’t wait any longer, and protect your exterior walls with the elegance of SAS products.