With a brand-new pool, let the holidays come to you!

Is this inconsistent weather driving you crazy? You still haven’t done any plans for your holidays? Then, this summer let the holidays come to your home! You will see how easy is to relax and enjoy your garden with all comfort without leaving your place!

If you always wanted to have your own pool at home, but you think it’s too hard to actually follow up, you are going to change your mind. You’ll see that there´s no need for an Olympic pool in order to enjoy your free time with your family and friends; twenty-five square meters are enough to have fun. And remember, a pool is forever!

The first thing to check is the typology of pool that fits best in your garden, in terms of space and depth. If you do not have much space available, a good option is a removable pool, which does not require major work. Always remember that this type of pool isn’t expected to last many years. In addition, few works will be necessary in order to level the floor and to install a cement base to support the structure safely. There are many models in the market that offer easy solutions, which is an option that values speed over exclusivity or aesthetics. The least favorable side of the removable pools is that they do not leave much freedom for project design.

Otherwise, if your garden allows it, we recommend choosing a construction pool, which ensures comfort and – above all – durability. The construction pools allow you to save water (no need to empty them every year, but only to maintain it and clean it). In addition, they are perfectly integrated into the environment of your garden, they support pressures and jumps and there is a small risk of accumulating algae.

Once you are clear about which type of pool works best for you, you should take into account some additional considerations:

  • To place it according to the best solar orientation (you do not want your pool to become a soup, nor that you cannot sunbathe because of the shade);
  • To guarantee your family and friends’ security all around your pool area (water presence increases slipping possibilities, right?)
  • To value the quality of the materials and their durability. In this way you will avoid extra maintenance expenses.

With a construction pool you can freely play with shapes, materials and details. And you can rely on SAS products to help you build your dream pool with the best of our products. All of them designed to meet the strictest requirements and inspired by natural stone. Furthermore, they don’t heat up with the sun, so no more burnt feet!

All our products have a nonslip characteristic, in order to guarantee safety in the area surrounding your pool. The materials that comprise it ensure you high resistance to climatic factors, avoiding you to think constantly about future maintenance expenses. In addition, our entire line of precast concrete elements is made without armor, avoiding oxidation. No more changes due to technical problems! And as always, high quality materials ensure products durability, a strength point that has always been in SAS philosophy.

If you are looking for a more classic style, you will love our DOMUS line. These elements inspired by natural stone will allow you to realize every kind of design, defining curved or straight lines with personalized details. In addition, with the floor slabs and the DOMUS shower base tray you can complement the surrounding area of your pool, giving a unique and elegant style to all your outdoor space.

If instead you prefer much modern lines, the SAS shot-blast pool elements are perfect for you. The texture of these elements gives an elegant touch to your pool and its soft color combines well with every existing surface.

The Dordogne line, with its champagne tone, will make your outer space the most elegant of the neighborhood. This line of pool elements includes straight and curved parts with details that will perfectly suit all typology of corners. A line of timeless elegance!

But if you want to reach another level, our Garonne line also includes the elements for creating your own Roman bath! Those are available in a light tone, Champagne, or darker, Pyrenees color. This will definitely amaze your neighbors and will make your friends visit you more often!

Are you a lover of warmer materials, but you don’t want to renounce to durability? Then, the SASTEAK line is the most suitable for your case. This line imitates the wood grain but preserving the characteristic resistance of our products.

And for those looking for a product of maximum versatility, there is the TESSERA line. This range will allow you to fully complete the pool, the pavement of the surrounding area, the access steps, but also the kerb of green areas, the cladding of the house itself, the shower tray and the dressing rooms. It is also available in five different colors: anthracite, bronze, white, arena and Périgord. The TESSERA elements stand out for their strength, high compaction and low water absorption. And they also allow vehicle traffic!

Another alternatively is our draining slabs FILT-5050 wich ensures the highest filtration performance. This product can be used for the pool area and on your terraces, patios and balconies, allowing you to use the same visual language in all the open spaces of your house while giving you the option to collect rainwater.

No matter your style, all our lines DOMUS, Dordogne, Garonne and SASTEAK are designed for easy, comfortable and quick placement, without requiring specialized labor. Once again, SAS allows you to carry out your fully customized project without wasting time or money.

Don’t wait for summer to catch you off guard, choose your favorite model and add the finishes you like the most. All you have to do is decide which swimsuit to wear and jump into your pool!