Are you looking for a high-quality pool? With TESSERA by SAS you will achieve it

Did you know that with a single line of SAS products you can create the pool of your dreams and ensure aesthetic continuity throughout its surroundings? The TESSERA by SAS range is designed to simplify your life and help you create a completely homogeneous outdoor project. Today, we have about 50 different references within the TESSERA by SAS range, read on and discover all your possibilities!

TESSERA by SAS slabs: the first steps

TESSERA by SAS was born as a line of outdoor flooring. It started with the Basic and Bicolour finish models, later the Petra finish was added, and in 2024 we incorporated the Tessera Wood Aspect Slab. Over the years, complements such as Skirting Boards, Steps, Kerbs, and Stepping Stones have been added, to create 360 spaces. Currently, the Tessera by SAS range is one of the most flexible and versatile ranges in our SAS Catalogue. All elements are made of high-strength single-layer concrete and are available in different colours and thicknesses.

Detail of a pool beach paved with TESSERA Bicolour Slabs and Swimming pool Coping  made with the “L” Finish in Anthracite colour (Source: SAS).

TESSERA Swimming pool Coping by SAS: for an impeccable crowning

To ensure a unique result for these outdoor spaces, we could not forget to provide solutions for swimming pools. In addition to paving the beach of your pool with the Tessera Basic, Bicolour, or Petra, you can also finish off your pool with the Tessera Swimming Pool Coping in “L” or Beveled. The “L” Coping is perfect for remodelling to hide small defects or for when the design wants to highlight the pool even more. On the other hand, the Beveled Coping is distinguished by a more minimalist look and preserves all the quality characteristics of the other products in the same range. Its design includes a beveled edge to combine even better with the pavements of the same line and thus generate harmonious spaces.

Materials, performance, composition, and manufacturing process are the same for the entire line, guaranteeing optimal slip resistance, which is essential for the safety of your family and friends. All Tessera by SAS Finishes are available in Anthracite, Arena, Bronze, and White, matching perfectly with the floors of the same line.

The different colours of the TESSERA Bevelled Pool Coping -White, Arena, Anthracite, and Bronze-. (Source: SAS).

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you can complete your Tessera pool with our Tessera Drain draining piece. This technical element has been designed to cover the water evacuation channels and thus ensure that the water that comes out of the pool does not re-enter the pool. The Tessera Drain is the last piece of this complete Tessera by SAS puzzle and is available in the same 4 colours as the floors and finishes, so you can decide if you want all the pieces to be in tune or for some details to be contrasted.

Swimming pools and pool beaches made with TESSERA products in contrast (Source: SAS).

Choose the products from the TESSERA by SAS line and ensure aesthetic and visual continuity in all details, without sacrificing a product with great manufacture and high resistance. With this line, you will get 360° environments that will make your outdoor spaces an oasis with the same style and finish.

Do you have any doubt? Contact our sales team and we will provide you with all the necessary information.