SAS-TRIA, a dance between concrete and the landscape

The architecture profession requires a multifaceted character, where ideas are placed as much in the integral design as in the installation of what was sketched. As projects progress, details are refined, seeking to optimize resources, and learning, in cases like this, to design in singular and apply in plural.

When the idea of ​​working together with the architectural studio GARCÍA-DURÁN & EQUIP was given, the thought fascinated the Sas family. Collaborating first hand in the design, letting be guided by the experience of architects and artists, is not uncommon for the company, but this case was special.

The SAS-TRIA gets its inspiration from the triangle of the Polish mathematician Waclaw Sierpinski, where the beauty of triangular geometry is fundamental. Sierpinski marked the design from the beginning, making the team aim to design versatile triangular pieces. And that’s where the TRIA-1, TRIA-2 and TRIA-3 came from.

The range of products uses fractal geometry to learn from nature, allowing it to influence the whole process. From the beginning, various ideas, angles and possibilities were handled. In all of them, the placement of the pieces played an important role, determining whether or not the space could be utilized. The versatility of the SAS-TRIA makes it a piece capable of ordering or letting go; limit, or blur; be a whole or the detail that brings everything together.

It is not surprising that this range is the favourite of architects and landscapers alike, and of all those who seek to personalize spaces and play with the tones that nature offers.

The combination of the three pieces allows the creation of very decorative compositions, either randomly or with a predetermined design, which can also be used both horizontally and vertically. With the SAS-TRIA you can generate continuous blocks, propose gaps or mark areas where you can see the green of the garden. The fractal design of the three pieces allows endless options!

For more inspiration on the versatility of the SAS-TRIA, here are some of the most frequent uses:


Pavement if you plan to use it as pavement, it will be very beneficial to take advantage of its rugged, highly resistant and non-slip texture. The three pieces are suitable for pedestrian traffic and light traffic. Also, when using as pavement and mixing the different pieces it is possible to let the grass grow through the different empty parts of the piece and create totally personalized and unique combinations. The visual game obtained is ideal for those who seek to bring green to areas where cement is usually used.

Gazebo If you are in the process of reforming your gazebo, SAS-TRIA will be your best ally. With any of the pieces it is possible to make a totally unique gazebo for your garden.

Ladder One would not imagine that a triangular piece could be useful as a ladder, but as the images show it can be done! The SAS-TRIA allows itself to be stacked to become a modern and unique staircase. Also, when using the pieces as stairs, they can be integrated into the garden by stacking 2/3 pieces.

Screenwalls Who doesn’t like screenwalls? Using the SAS-TRIA vertically allows design of uniquely attractive walls. In addition, its form allow adding plants, lighting, and any other detail you have in mind. It is not necessary to invest in a new piece, you just have to choose one of our pieces for each inspiration!

Shower tray The best accompaniment to a pool is a nearby shower tray. With the SAS-TRIA we have this covered. With our pieces it is possible to install a shower tray for your garden without having to do big works on site or spend time waiting for cement to dry.

Urban garden A great example of several of these uses can be seen in urban gardens. The SAS-TRIA allows our product and the landscape to dance, blend and coexist with the environment. Best of all, in addition to providing a great combination of nature / cement, you can take advantage of its form to pass cables, irrigation pipes, or luminaire. Whatever you need for your garden, the SAS-TRIA is all you need!

The best thing about designing such a versatile prefabricated piece is its ability to provide individuals and professionals with an affordable option that does not spare on design and can be used in multiple situations. The SAS-TRIA is a range of easy installation, with which you will save on materials and time, which is the SAS goal for all products in our catalogue.

By choosing the SAS-TRIA you will gain management time and preparation of your project. Also, by not requiring multiple materials you will also save time on site (it does not require mixing cement or waiting for the drying of the product), and that without mentioning that when using the SAS-TRIA you do not need to invest in geotextile mesh, and what a saving that is!

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Due to its versatility and low installation price, it has been used as an urban garden by the Garden Center Conillas team in Barcelona. The photos taken years after installation allow us to contemplate what was seen as a vision: a product that converses with nature, which allows us to play with shadows and details as well as perfectly integrating into its surroundings.

If you were looking for a great product that integrates cement into landscape, the SAS-TRIA is for you!