2023 novelties: the new measures of “Wet-Cast” Wall Coping

In the previous blog, we talked about the features of the Smooth Finish “Wet-Cast” Wall Coping and its manufacturing process. Today, we present the news within the Wall Coping family for this year 2023. As you already know, each year we create new products or improve existing ones to continue innovating and perfecting our models. In 2023, we have expanded the range of 1 Meter Smooth Finish “Wet-Cast” Slab and Smooth Finish “Wet-Cast” Double-Beveled Stone.

Perimeter wall finished with our 1 Meter Chamfered Wall Coping, Cement Gray color, with a metal fence on top. (source: SAS)

As you can see in our catalogue, in the “Wet-Cast” Wall Coping section, you will find four different options: Slabs, Double-Beveled Stone, Chamfered, and Sloping. Most of these options are also available in the 1-meter length version to accelerate on-site installation, reduce the number of joints, and minimize water infiltration.

These models are a perfect example of our collaboration with customers and their needs. The idea of working with 1-meter construction elements originated from large-scale projects, where using smaller pieces would increase labor costs and installation time. Our SAS 1 Meter Wall Coping simplifies this process, and, thanks to our manufacturing technique, we can ensure a uniform thickness in all pieces. Best result, less effort!

Balcony railing finished with our 1 Meter Smooth Finish “Wet-Cast” Slab, Cement Gray color. (source: SAS)

Perimeter wall finished with our Smooth Finish “Wet-Cast” Double-Beveled Stone, White color. (source: SAS)

The 1 Meter Smooth Finish “Wet-Cast” Slab is available in five different width dimensions (20, 25, 30, 40 cm, and now also 50 cm) and in two colors: White and Cement Gray. This Wall Coping model features a flat surface, perfect for placing decorative elements on top, such as screenwalling, planters, and balusters. Its smooth finish and texture provide a pleasant touch without causing abrasions. The drip edge, present in all our Wall Coping models, protects your walls from rain, ensuring long-lasting protection. What are you waiting for? Incorporate it into your new projects!

Furthermore, within our catalogue, we also offer 50 cm long Wall Coping to avoid on-site cuts, which can often be imprecise and time-consuming for the workers. For this reason, the Smooth Finish “Wet-Cast” Double-Beveled Stone was created, now available in two widths, 23 cm and the new 28 cm. This Wall Coping model is characterized by its double beveling, perfect for keeping the walls clean and dry during rainfall. Once again, we have listened to our customers who requested more dimensions in smaller formats.

SAS Wall Coping is the perfect solution for all your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will answer all your questions.