Accessories for balusters: attention to detail

As you already know, at SAS, we are passionate about details, and we take great care in all our finishes. With over 120 years of experience, we have learned to listen carefully to our customers’ needs, allowing us to continuously incorporate new pieces and accessories into our extensive catalogue. Accessories are (small) elements that primarily serve a decorative role.   

Stair railing finished with RB Rails. Source: SAS

When we considered dedicating a blog post to our classic-style Balusters, we also thought about dedicating another article to their accessories to show you that, although they may not always have a structural function, these pieces end up becoming essential elements that contribute to making your projects a well-balanced and meticulously studied work.

RB Rails and RBR Rails are commonly known as handrails. These pieces are used to cap off balusters on terraces, balconies, and staircases. Their smooth finish is pleasing to the touch, fulfilling their primary function, and they are available in two thicknesses – 8 and 12 centimeters – to adapt to project requirements.  

The four different Pier Caps for SAS Classic Piers. (Source: SAS.)

With the same idea in mind, we introduce Pier Caps for Classical Piers, designed to cap off those pillars that subdivide the railing, providing them with more solidity and presence. These pieces come in various options depending on their application (middle piece, angle piece, etc.). To add a more decorative and classic touch, complement the pillars with our Ornament piece. Its three-dimensional, sculptural character adds personality to your balustrade, serving as a decorative element and emphasizing the classic aesthetic of the baluster.

Classic Pier finished with SAS Ornament. Source: SAS.

Classic Pier finished with SAS Ornament. Source: SAS.

If you need to construct a balustrade on stairs or sloped terrain, we have a specific piece for your needs. This piece is the Wedge for SAS Balusters, available with round and square bases and in various angles to perfectly adapt to your requirements.

How to install our SAS Balusters

We understand that installing our Balusters can be challenging due to the many pieces involved, and without proper guidance, it can be difficult. That’s why on our website, you will find Placement Recommendations designed and developed by our various departments (from the factory and sales to marketing and management) to explain simply and practically how to install our pieces.

After preparing the surface where the balustrade will be built, start with the base and distribute the pillars. Once these elements are placed sequentially, you can install the balusters, ensuring uniform distribution and compliance with the construction regulations in your country. All our pieces have holes for fastening, making the assembly process easier. Finally, you can install the Rail-Banister and the Pier Caps and fill the joints. To finish it off, we always recommend applying our SAS FUGUE hydrophobic product, designed to prevent surface stains and facilitate cleaning.

Do not hesitate to contact us to address any questions. Our sales agents will provide you with all the information you need and assist you throughout the selection and installation process of the pieces.

Do you have any doubt? Contact our sales team and we will provide you with all the necessary information.