New range of SAS Wall Coping: OPTI SAS Wall Coping

This new year starts with many new features. In our 2024 Catalogue, you will find new variations of existing products marked in red, both new colours and new sizes. For example, you can choose the Marble Block in Arena or the Agora Pillar in Anthracite Black. But, without a doubt, the star of 2024 is the new range of SAS Wall Copings, the OPTI SAS range.

The tongue-and-groove system of OPTI SAS Wall Copings. (source: SAS)

With a contemporary style, OPTI SAS Wall Copings are designed to facilitate installation on site, reducing assembly time thanks to their innovative tongue-and-groove system. It is precisely because of this technical element that the wall copings of the OPTI SAS range are unique, different, and original. In addition to saving time in installation, the new OPTI SAS tongue-and-groove system protects the wall even better thanks to the interior joint that is made of elastomer acrylic (silicone).

Like all our products, OPTI SAS Wall Copings are manufactured without internal reinforcement, which guarantees long durability and thus avoids rust problems. All elements are produced in vibro-pressed concrete and with high-quality materials: selected natural aggregates, high-strength cement, and state-of-the-art additives.

The success of the Slab, Double-Beveled and Chamfering sections in their “Dry-Cast” and “Wet-Cast” versions has meant that in this new OPTI SAS range you can choose these three sections in a wide variety of colours: White, Beige, Grey and Anthracite Black.

The OPTI SAS Slab model is characterized by having a flat surface perfect for installing balustrades, grilles, or other decorative elements.

The Double-Beveled version has a double slope that favours the fall of rainwater without affecting the wall, preventing staining, and preventing infiltration.

Finally, the Chamfered model combines the characteristics of the previous two due to its partially pending surface that allows water to be expelled easily and, at the same time, a central flat surface that serves as a base to comfortably build an enclosure, fence, or screenwalling.

Installation of OPTI SAS Wall Covers

If you want to ensure a long life for your SAS products, you can consult the Installation Recommendations that we always attach to each product. The successful installation of OPTI SAS Wall Copings depends, among other factors, on the correct joining of the parts.

Detail of the placement and joining of the pieces. (source: SAS)

Once the surface of the wall has been prepared and the mortar has been placed, the pieces must be placed one by one on the wall and pressed until it is well attached to the mortar. To ensure a perfect joint, you’ll need to apply a thin strip of silicone to the “core” of the piece and snap the other piece together. In this way, a waterproof and almost imperceptible joint will remain.

Do you have any questions about the new SAS products? Look at our website or get in touch with our sales agents who can help you with whatever you need. Start the year by innovating with OPTI SAS Wall Copings, you will save installation time and future complaints from your customers!

Do you have any doubt? Contact our sales team and we will provide you with all the necessary information.